Former Hoboken BOE Trustee Dallara running on slate with Angley and Khanna


Former Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Sheillah Dallara will be running on a slate with Board President Sharyn Angley and Trustee Chetali Khanna, according to filings with the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

Former Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Sheillah Dallara. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Dallara, who opted not to seek re-election last year after winning three-year terms in 2016 and 2019, will be running in place of Melanie Tekirian, who is coincidentally not running after two terms in office as well.

She had been rumored to be mulling a bid for the 2nd Ward council seat in the non-partisan council races contested on the same day as the school board election, November 7th, but that never ended up happening.

Instead, she will be running on the “Moms Leading Progress” slate with Angley and Khanna, who ran unopposed in 2020 with Tekirian as the “Hoboken Together” team.

Unlike last year when there was an eight-person race for three seats where the “Leadership that Listens” team pulled off a clean sweep, it doesn’t appear there will be much competition.

However, perennial candidate Pat Waiters has submitted her petitions to run under the “Demanding Integrity Transparency” banner and all BOE candidates have until Monday at 4 p.m. to submit 10 verified petitions of nomination.

The Moms Leading Progress slate could not be reached for comment on Friday, but they provided a joint statement to HCV late Tuesday afternoon.

“We are moms. We are experienced board trustees. We are committed to the Hoboken Public School District, and to the Hoboken community. Collectively, we have eight children in the Hoboken Public School District from Pre-K through 11th grade, three of which will be attending Hoboken High School next year,” the trio of candidates said.

“We have volunteered our time over the last eight years to advance progress in the district. The district has experienced tremendous growth over that time in a variety of ways, from academic success to enrollment growth to the creation of out of the classroom offerings and opportunities provided for all students. We aren’t done yet. Public schools are the backbone to a strong community.”

They concluded by stating that they are committed to being community leaders and making the Hoboken Public Schools “a premier educational choice.”


Editor’s note: This story was updated late Tuesday afternoon with a statement from the Moms for Progress slate.

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  1. What’s Sheillah Dallara’s position on “Dr” Johnson lying about having a doctorate from the moment she set foot in the Hoboken Public Schools?

  2. On must remember that these two women repeatedly lied to the people of Hoboken to try to pass their exorbitant school building plan. The voters resoudingglt said. no.
    Why would anyone now trust them again in any public office ?

  3. Great, another sycophant on the board for the 9-0 brainless HBOE. It is unfortunate that they have poisoned the well so much that people do not want to get involved and its always the small little cabal that is involved.

  4. Question: Do Sheila’s kids play ice hockey like Sharyn (who spells it like that?) Angley’s and, if so, how hard will they push for another athletic complex so our privileged white kids don’t have to leave town to practice hockey?

    Bonus: Will this new complex also have a high school attached so Mayor Bhalla can continue to send his daughter and soon son to High Tech in Secaucus despite espousing the merits of our public school system?

    I’m joking, of course, about the high school bit. And I don’t blame the mayor and his team for talking about how great our public schools are during the referendum yet none of them sending their own kids to said high school or even public schools. We do the same with our kids: speak about how wonderful of a job this BOE is doing and how great our public schools are, promise to send our kids to Hoboken High, yet have them enrolled in charter school currently.

    But I do strongly believe if we built that rooftop stadium, new aquatics center, and hockey rink Hoboken High School would excel academically! I mean, it’s not that the high school is not already doing amazing! But you know what I mean: we need to vote for our kids to have the best chance at being a great football player. Right? Also, immigrants are people too and we should give them free housing because the Statue of Liberty says that. And the Constitution clearly affords the right of a woman to abort her unborn child. It’s like the 14th amendment or something, the Bill of Rights. Whoopi said so herself on the View so it is a fact. So why did the Supreme Court take away that right? I’ll tell you: Trump! He is soooo bad. And he makes me sooo mad.

    Anyway please let me know about Sheila’s kid: hockey? If so, I can help her campaign. While my husband John is working to grow his private law firm, I have ample time to bend the knee towards a brighter socialist society free from police and such.

  5. I’m all for Sheila and the current BOE
    I was against the High School plan and mistakenly supported the Kids First gang…UNTIL I learned of their MAGA and and ALT wing leanings

    We dont need another battle with that Maga Flag truck rolling around town and that wacky local republican trio of goons

  6. Is this the same gang that tried to charge everyone $50 a day for 25 minute swim lessons? Our kids cant swim, they can do better. They have swim team for free but the only ones who can join are the car-poolers out of town. Let all children learn to swim, the rec department sure cant help.