False bomb threat delays LGBTQ+ Pride event/Drag Queen Story Hour at Jersey City park


A false bomb threat delayed an LGBTQ+ Pride/Drag Queen Story Hour at Canco Park in Jersey City this morning, with electeds denouncing the tactic.

Screenshot via Instagram reel.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Canco Park Conservancy, who hosted the event at 47 Dey St., posted a video on Instagram around 10:30 a.m. indicating that the park had been evacuated by Jersey City police officers due to a bomb threat, also highlighting protesters who were opposing the event for religious reasons.

Ultimately, the threat was deemed unfounded and the event, which was supposed to start at 10:00 a.m., finally got underway at approximately 11:45 a.m. with Harmonica Sunbeam kicking off a story time and singalong.

“Today’s action at Canco Park showed the wrong way to protest. Calling in a false bomb threat against Drag Queen story hour is a misuse of emergency resources,” tweeted Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea (D-2).

“I condemn provoking fear and violence as a means of protest. I’m thankful to the JCPD and emergency personnel for remedying the situation quickly and safely. This will not slow the spirit of @JerseyCityPride”

He was joined by Ward D Councilman Yousef Saleh also said that getting law enforcement involved under false pretenses was unacceptable.

“In light of recent events at Canco Park, it is important to address the bomb threat against Drag Queen story hour. Let me be clear, resorting to violence or threats against those with whom you may disagree is utterly unacceptable,” Saleh wrote on Facebook.

“It’s crucial to embrace the diversity of our community, and while not everyone may share the same sentiments towards Drag Queen story hour, the right approach is to peacefully express your views or choose not to attend. I extend my gratitude to the Jersey City Police Department and the Emergency Services Unit for their swift response, ensuring the safety of everyone in the area.”

Additionally, Ward E Councilman James Solomon posted an Instagram story calling for criminal charges against whoever called in the threat.

“Earlier today, @JerseyCityPride’s Drag Queen Story Hour at Canco Park was protested and shut down by a false bomb threat. Hate has no home in Jersey City,” he wrote.

“And I hope the perpetrators of the false bomb threat – which wasted city resources and frightened young families attending the story hour – are brought to justice swiftly.”

City officials could not be immediately be reached on Saturday for additional details regarding the bomb threat.

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting and shouldn’t be done in Public Spaces. People bring their CHILDREN to parks to PLAY not to see DRAG SHOWS! Do that BS in PRIVATE EVENTS where PARENTS who agree with this sick IDEOLOGY can take their children! LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!

    • This was a kids reading time, not a drag “show”. It just happens to be a very talented, funny, and compassionate person in drag taking the time to be entertaining and read stories to kids. There is nothing disgusting about it. Have you watched Mrs. Doubtfire? That’s a person in drag acting in a movie with kids in it and for kids to watch it, it’s no different. Charlie Chaplan dressed in drag, Lucille Ball dressed in drag, Tony Curtis, Tom Hanks, I could go on. It’s art, it’s acting, it’s playing make believe to entertainment people…it’s not someone tying children up and throwing them in a van!!! And another thing, have you been to a Drag Show? What is it you think happens there? It’s people dressed up in fabulous outfits lipsyncing to music for entertainment. You know in the time of Shakespeare women weren’t actors so the men dressed in drag to play female parts, it didn’t mean they were perverts, it meant they were TALENTED, ENTERTAINING and were applauded for it, they didn’t send bomb threats to the theater!

  2. @Save the Children
    No problem with bomb threats though apparently? I hope your IP address is logged and investigated first.

    Move into a cave and go fuck yourself.

  3. This is not the Jersey City we all know and love — there is no place for hate here, or for protest & threats based on misinformation. This was storytime with a sing-along, not a platform to preach LGBTQ rights. No one is trying to show children how to be gay or trans. Parents are the ones to set the tone for acceptance with ALL the diversity JC has to offer.