Forward Together Hoboken BOE team, backed by Zimmer, sweeps election


The Forward Together Hoboken Board of Education slate, backed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the majority of the city council, pulled off a clean sweep against the Parents United team – backed by Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5).

“For everyone who helped in all kinds of ways, every way, to support me Sheillah and Irene just to keep our schools moving forward for the kids and the community, thanks so much,” said BOE Trustee Jennifer Evans, who the top vote getter at the polls (7,515 votes).

“I’m just gonna echo what Jen said: thank you guys so much. Honestly, the community came together and that was such a beautiful thing to see from all schools, from all parts of the town, it was a beautiful thing to see to do this with all of your support,” added Sheillah Dallara.

This victory was quite a redemption for Dallara, who won at the polls last year but ultimately lost due to incredibly high vote-by-mail totals.

While VBM’s are still being tallied by the Hudson County Board of Elections, it would be borderline impossible for a similar scenario to play out again as projected Hoboken VMB totals are down substantially from 2015.

“This election was amazing to me, there were so many new faces: every time I turned the corner, there was a mom walking by in a [Forward Together] t-shirt … everybody, like Sheill said, was coming together – it was all about you,” further stated BOE Trustee Irene Sobolov.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who was joined by Council members Tiffanie Fisher, James Doyle and Peter Cunningham at 10th and Willow where the victory party was hosted, also expressed her excitement over the Forward Together win.

“I am extremely proud of the job that they have done: bringing in a fantastic superintendent, starting an after school program that I’m hearing parents love across the city, ‘the Passports of Learning,’ and creating the STEM program at the high school,” began Zimmer, who said that Hoboken High School is now giving High Tech a run for their money.

She spoke from experience though, as one of her children attended Hoboken high and another attended High Tech.

On their official Facebook page, the Parents United team graciously conceded defeat this morning.

Many political observers believed this race had major implications for 2017, where Romano has been a long rumored challenger to Zimmer. Romano could not immediately be reached for comment on the results.

Three-year terms (Poll results)

Jennifer A. Evans – 7,515

Sheillah Dallara – 6,228

Irene Sobolov – 6,009

Jessica Nelson – 4,829

Jennifer Rossini – 4,248

Francis Chipper Benway – 3,850

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