Two aggravated assault arrests in Hoboken early Sunday morning

Hoboken police say a verbal altercation in front of the 1 Republik Bar on Washington St. around 12:46 a.m. Sunday ended up with a man knocked out cold, with another fight around 3:00 a.m. causing a potential broken nose.

Hoboken police
By Kate Mosso/Hudson County View
Police responded to the 12:46 a.m. incident at 1 Republik bar to find a 21-year-old Hoboken resident lying unconscious on the sidewalk while a group of men pushed each other around, officials said.
A 29-year-old Florida resident told authorities that he suffered a laceration near the eye after he was struck by another resident, who was not charged, police said.
Federico Rocha, 28, of West Orange, was charged with aggravated assault for punching and knocking out the 21-year-old Hoboken resident and police noted that the initial cause of the conflict is unknown.
Just over two hours later, the Hoboken PD said two men were arrested after a verbal conflict led to fists flying near the intersection of 13th and Clinton Streets, authorities said.
A 28-year-old city resident and his girlfriend were walking in the bike lane on 13th and Clinton Streets around 3 a.m. Sunday morning when a car full of men swerved towards them and beeped, officials said.
Startled, the man yelled an obscenity at the car, prompting the group to stop the car and attack him, police said.
Samer R. Hajmohamed, 21 and Thomas J. Fischer, 23, both of Ridgefield, are charged with aggravated assault as a result of the incident.
Additionally, the victim was transported to the Hoboken University Medical Center and treated for a possible broken nose.

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