Michael Viruet Sr: ‘I still, and will go to my grave, saying that my son is a hero’


The Union City Policemen’s Benevolent Association hosted a fundraiser at Angelo’s Cafe on Friday night, where dozens came out to support the Viruet family, who recently had to endure the tragic death of Michael Viruet, Jr. – who succumbed to injuries sustained from a serious hit-and-run car accident in North Bergen last month.


We first spoke with PBA representative Carlos Pina, who explained why the organization decided to lend a helping hand in the situation.

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Viruet, Sr., who appeared to remain strong in light of his tough loss and thanked everyone who got involved with the recent community outreach, which included Friday’s event.

Viruet noted that he is not paying attention to the law enforcement end of his son’s death, even though Rogelio Chavix-Tacen – the main suspect in the crash – was apprehended by U.S. Marshal’s in Maryland on December 4.

Finally, Viruet said that he still considered Michael Jr. a hero for saving his little brother Adrian, 11, when the accident occurred. 

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