Op-Ed: There’s no logical reason Hoboken spaghetti dinner should be only open to the vaccinated


In an editorial, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein states his case why the Hoboken Spaghetti Dinner Block Party should not only be open to guests that have received their COVID-19 vaccination.

Mayor Bhalla’s latest decree, announced by another of his many abuses of the emergency alert system, is the same safety theater he has peddled over the last year.

The decree, that attendees of the annual Spaghetti Dinner must have vaccination ID paper to enter the cordoned-off outdoor area that is the dinner and children 12 and under must wear a mask upon entrance, is part and parcel of Mayor Bhalla’s fear-over-facts “leadership” style over the last year-plus of pandemic.

The facts are clear – nearly 100 percent of Hoboken senior citizens, the majority of attendees of the dinner, are vaccinated.

Less than a tenth of a percent of fully vaccinated people have gotten covid (including the Delta variant) a second time and the vast majority of those have been non-life-threatening mild cases.

Moreover, outdoor transmission rates, outdoor transmission from children under vaccination ages, and by vaccinated carriers are almost non-existent and range from less than 1 percent to .01 percent.

Be they scientifically verified or merely common sense, from the beginning of the pandemic Mayor Bhalla has not been interested in facts. Rather, he is interested in engaging in the most amount of fear mongering to create the greatest possible image of himself as hero-savior of the public.

Bhalla attempts to make the public act like the children’s story character Chicken Little and fear the sky falling because when it fails to do so, he will claim responsibility for saving the day.

But if Bhalla really believed people who gather outside should bring their vaccination ID with them, why would he not have made that a requirement of his fundraiser a mere few weeks ago?

Bhalla’s insincerity doesn’t end there, rather according to his statements, whenever he is virtue signaling for the media, he believes in “disparate impact” – that a policy is racist based not on whether it explicitly targets people based on race but on the racial breakdown of its results.

By Bhalla’s past logic, his restricting the Spaghetti Dinner to the vaccinated is racist because more white people are vaccinated than Blacks and Hispanics. Is Mayor Bhalla actually racist? Who knows?

What we do know is that because (disparate impact is intellectual garbage and) he applies one set of standards to policies he doesn’t like and a different rubric to his own, Bhalla is a hypocrite.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last, example of a politician creating rules for the public that they do not apply to themselves.

Bhalla is far from the only politician to have no standards but double standards, but the public should long remember the inane policies of this mayoral administration.

It was Mayor Bhalla who attempted to impose an illegal curfew and banned people from public parks early in covid when everyone knew outdoor transmission rates were much less than indoor and that chasing people indoors would spread Covid.

While it is true Bhalla has been working with local healthcare providers to distribute the shot, it is also true that every mayor in almost every municipality across the county, if not the world, has been doing the same.

What is false is the image of imminent danger the minority of the population that remains unvaccinated is to those who are vaccinated. This divide and conquer attempt at inducing fear is as pathetic as it is disturbing.

All the vaccinated (myself included) must remember that in Hoboken over 80 percent of those 30 and older are fully vaccinated – numbers that do not include those who have natural immunity (which is believed to last longer) due to previous Covid-19 infection.

Statistically the unvaccinated present almost an absolute zero chance of Covid related threat to those who are vaccinated. In fact, the chances of getting run over by an out-of-control bicyclist or driver on Washington St is likely greater.

The fear mongering, virtue signaling, next level hypocrisy, double standards, and messianic complex of Mayor Bhalla must end.

Not only is he wrong in attempting to instill a sense that the sky is falling in the Hoboken public – it isn’t, but we are at the safest time in Hoboken since COVID-19 began.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein
Hoboken resident


    • Waiting for a logical answer from any of the mayor’s paid operatives here. How does Ravi go from being for civil rights to backing Jim Crow actions against minorities?

  1. Does anyone think that Ravi Bhalla would break from the propaganda as science showing actual data and evidence proves the vaccine does not stop transmission or prevent infection. The Hoboken cases reported show an almost 50-50 division of those who took the jab and those who didn’t. Ravi is following the script and keeping the hate going against those who don’t elect to take the jab. That includes those with natural immunity who can be significantly harmed by taking the vaccine they don’t need. All global evidence show healthy children are immune. Sweden has well over seven figure of children in school. They never shut down, they never forced children to wear masks and they never forced them to have an experimental drug injected into them that can actually cause far more harm.

    Sweden saw zero deaths of children. In the US, healthy children have not fallen as reported by John Hopkins.

    Enough is enough. Ravi Bhalla can hold his variant incubator event for the vaccinated. He can chow down on his hate, discrimination against minorities and anti-science posturing.

  2. “zero” child deaths in Sweden, says Hoboken’s village idiot. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1107913/number-of-coronavirus-deaths-in-sweden-by-age-groups/

    “Doctors at major children’s hospitals say nearly all of their patients are unvaccinated. They are either under age 12 and not yet eligible for the coronavirus shots, or teens who put off the vaccine.”

    • Those updated August 2021 figures in Sweden actually prove the point about child immunity. Among millions of Swedish youths, there’s but single digit fatalities. This points to those with severe underlying illness as they have compromised health and like the elderly are vulnerable. So, this confirms Sweden made the right choice in not shutting down and destroying its economy, not forcing schools to close or abuse children with useless face masks and not making children take an experimental drug which is by order of magnitude 50 times more dangerous to them. In the US, the flu season in 2019 was more deadly to children than the virus over 18 months. This is a statistical fact.

      Now if you’re a senior and obese as yourself, the best option is get your doctor’s advice and probably take your chances with the jab. Statistically, obesity ranks far and away as the number one health problem leading to hospitalization and death when infected with the virus. Fully 80% of people inside the US who are hospitalized by the virus share this as the common issue. Others such as diabetes and heart and lung problems rank lower.

      Kids going to the hospital for a scrape and discovered infected does not mean they are at any high risk and are counted as having been in the hospital. The statistical data proves they are not. Anyone who volunteers their kid for an injection is guilty of child abuse. They should be reported to DYFS.

    • Those figures are for the entire 18 months and it’s only a handful of kids meaning these were the ones who had health problems among millions of healthy kids. In the US, the data is similar. Healthy children don’t fall to the virus. A John Hopkins physician pointed out that data too.

      If you want to abuse children with a experimental injection then abuse your own. You have no right to tell others to do the same to their children. The flu season in 2019 killed more children in the US than the pandemic over 18 months.

      When it comes to an experimental drug pumped into healthy children, just say “no!.”

  3. Who is Ravi Bhalla discriminating against more: those with natural immunity or Blacks and Hispanics who resist the experimental injections most? Will Ravi join DeBlasio as the biggest enforcer of Jim Crow?

  4. Sharyl Attkisson, the award-winning journalist who was an investigative reporter with CBS writes, “However, the hard push for vaccination and vaccine passports is puzzling when one looks at accepted science…. As Israel announces effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine appears to be down to 39%…The only sure thing a vaccine “passport” or verification proves is that somebody complied with advice or mandates. It does not guarantee that the person has any level of immunity. The person could be infected with Covid-19, and could be spreading it to others.”

    • Actual science.

      An Associated Press analysis of available government data from May shows that “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for fewer than 1,200 of more than 107,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations. That’s about 1.1%.

      And only about 150 of the more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May were in fully vaccinated people. That translates to about 0.8%, or five deaths per day on average.


      Nationwide, the Delta variant is responsible for 83 percent of new COVID-19 cases and 97 percent of people hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


      Luckily everyone sees you as a total joke and no one listens to you anymore.

      • Something tells me Israel’s objective data is not an anomaly. Add the AP “data” to the ever-lengthening list of lies revealed. The vaccinated don’t get infected lie is already uncovered along with the 99% of infections are from people who are not jabbed lie. Rochelle Walensky among others was caught when a lawsuit demanded the actual data. Then suddenly the 99% lie disappeared. Poof.

        Sharyl Attkisson is of course correct. There is no scientific reason for Ravi to be discriminating against Hoboken’s minorities at a public outdoor dinner because they declined the jab. It’s not about science at all.

      • Actual studies including the most recent points to the problems with infections increasing among those who took the Moderna and Pfizer shot. Changing the subject and launching personal attacks is not helpful and of course neither is censorship which has become an epidemic. The data in Israel and Iceland is an indicator of what should be anticipated. Treatments should not be blocked and outpatient treatments are especially helpful and should not be blocked for political and financial objectives.


  5. Between the writer and the Horse I dont know why they care anyway, they ain’t getting tickets …it’s not like Jen or Tiffany will be buying them seats at their tables this year. You know it’s before election time, that season in Hoboken where certain Republicans turn into Democrats … in name only

  6. really ought to work to pay their debts (loans, legal bills, tec.) instead of frolicking all day on message boards- lol.

    Signed, your creditors.

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