Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop addresses city’s ‘painful’ Sunday shootings


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop wrote that “nothing bothers and pains me more than knowing a life was taken because of gun violence” in a Facebook post regarding the four shootings in the city on Sunday – two of which involved fatalities. 

Steven Fulop

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Some of you posted about “everyday shootings/killings in JC” and I thought it was important to respond and address openly and honestly,” Fulop began.

“On a personal note even with all the budgetary, elections and media responsibilities I have as mayor, nothing bothers and pains me more than knowing that a life was taken because of gun violence.”

“Knowing that a family is grieving because of the senseless loss of their loved one is always painful for me to see and feel – both as mayor and as a human being.”

Four separate shootings took place in Jersey City on Sunday, where two people were killed and at least three people were injured (h/t The Jersey Journal).

“As Mayor, I am however compelled to put the recent shootings in context. This year to date there have been 6 shooting deaths in the entire city and 2 domestic violence (2 shootings last weekend related to gang violence back and forth that we are close to solving).”

“So prior to last weekend there were 4 shooting deaths through the entire year in the entire city and important to note we are trending better and safer than any city in the region (including nyc). I say this to give perspective to misinformation.”

“That said any number of shooting deaths is too many but these issues aren’t issues that are unique to jersey city and the reality is they are issues that no city can only police their way to a solution on.”

Fulop also spoke about 122 police officers being hired by the city, as well as gun laws and socioeconomic issues that go beyond Jersey City.

The full content of his post is reposted here in the form of two separate photos.

Fulop FB1

Fulop FB2

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  1. Mayor Fulop why does Jersey City have NO Congressman and a real Voice on these issues in Washington DC?

    Albio Sires lives in Florida and does NOTHING for HC. Why did you sell out to the HCDO Corrupt?

    This blood is on your Hands I believe by making us weak on this matter.