Jersey City filmmaker creating Hudson-based show that’s mix of ‘The Wire’ & ‘The Sopranos’


Jersey City filmmaker PJ Leonard has a Hudson County-based TV series in the works, which he describes as a cross between the classic crime dramas “The Wire” and “The Sopranos.” 


Sitting down inside John’s Pizzeria in Jersey City, Leonard explained that he been working in TV and film since 2006, when he was the associate producer of the off broadway show “Dreamstuff.”

He has since notched seven more production credits under his belt, most recently 2014’s “Chu and Blossom.”

Leonard says his Hudson County TV series has been an idea he’s had for at least a decade now, which he envisions as a cross between “The Wire” and “The Sopranos” – minus the humor.

To get the ball rolling, Leonard said he’s in the process of doing treatments, a synopsis of each episode, to prepare to pitch the series to networks.

The treatments include the pilot and nine subsequent episodes that would make up the first season of the show, adding that it will be set in modern day Hudson County.

As far as casting goes, Leonard says the characters will be fictional, “based on four different people” each, so it’s too early to be guessing which actors will be cast – noting that responsibility usually falls on the network anyway.

Additionally, Leonard explained that those hoping to see a glimpse of the New Jersey political scene outside of Hudson will not be disappointed.

According to Leonard, many of the decisions that are made official at city hall aren’t actually decided at city hall, which is one of the focal points of his series.

Being a lifelong Hudson County resident, I also asked Leonard the difference of Hudson County politicians today vs. politicians 10 years ago. His answer could be summed up in one word: charisma.

Anyone interested in contributing to the development of the series can click here.


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