Witness: NB DPW filled potholes for business owned by relative of Gargiulo


A North Bergen Department of Public Works employee testified in Hudson County Superior Court that laborers from the department were ordered to fill potholes on private property of a deli owned by a relative of Commissioner Frank Gargiulo – while on township time. 


“What are you doing [in the photo entered into evidence] Mr. Aluotto?” New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Victor Salgado asked Nicola Aluotto, a laborer for NB DPW.

“We were actually doing potholes,” he responded. Yella’s, a deli near 59th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard that has since closed, was owned by Gargiulo’s brother-in-law and Gargiulo is the DPW Commissioner.

“Was this during regular work hours?” Salgado continued. “Yes.” Aluotto replied.

“Who asked you to do this work?” Salgado inquired. “Our supervisor,” Aluotto stated.

“Who was your supervisor?” Salgado wanted to know. “Frank Longo,” Aluotto revealed.

Longo and fellow North Bergen Department of Public Works Supervisor Troy Bunero are on trial for allegedly performing personal chores and working political campaigns while on township time.

Aluotta later added that he asked for a work order on the matter since “they weren’t supposed to be there,” given that the job was performed on private property during township time.

Paul Faugno, the attorney representing Longo, argued that former department Superintendent James Wiley was really the one pulling the strings on this issue.

Michael Bunero, Troy Bunero’s brother, previously testified that he repaired a car in the NB DPW garage during work hours that belonged to a brother-in-law of Gargiulo.

He said that Gargiulo’s relative who owned the car had no direct relationship to the DPW department.

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