Fulop: Jersey City will keep Katyn memorial in ‘an extremely prominent location’


Jersey City has reached a “resolution” that will keep the Katyn memorial in “an extremely prominent location” just three days after a federal lawsuit was filed to keep the statue at Exchange Place, according to Mayor Steven Fulop. 

Twitter photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I met w/Eric Lubaczewski + senior officials from the Polish Govt + we have a resolution as a win-win. The goal was one that respects/cares/keeps the monument in an extremely prominent location to honor sacrifices while also giving #JerseyCity a chance to re-purpose our waterfront,” Fulop tweeted about an hour ago.

While the mayor did not provide any further details on social media, an earlier tweet from Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York Maciej Golubiewski provided a little more clarity on the matter.

“There is an agreement with @StevenFulop. The monument will be on the waterfront 60 meters from the place where it is now. Thank you Erykowi Lubaczewskiemu,” he wrote in Polish.

Lubaczewski, the man being credited by both sides for brokering the deal, is the executive director of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce.

Yesterday, Fulop released an artist’s rendering of the new vision for Exchange Place: a children’s playground, a spray park, green space and an area for a stage area to accommodate live performances.

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