For the 19th year, Jersey City’s Iron Monkey serves Thanksgiving meals


For 19 years, Jersey City’s Iron Monkey, well-known for its wide selection of craft beers, has provided delicious three course Thanksgiving meals to the elderly and those facing challenging financial times.

500 three course meals, whether they were sit down, delivery or pick up, were serves because of 25 very helpful volunteers and the Iron Monkey staff.

Brian McIntyre, brother of Steve McIntyre – the owner of Iron Monkey – told Hudson County View that the family is always happy to host this event.

“It’s for folks that just want to come out, and just want to be with other folks, and maybe they don’t have a lot of family. It’s also for some folks that need some helping hands. When Steve started the Thanksgiving dinner, that was the really focus.”

A group of volunteers were from Jersey City Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce Watterman’s organization Women Working Together for Change.

Watterman explained that her organization volunteered because “it’s that extra hand to help make the community better.”

She added ” … Thanksgiving and so we are out here trying to make a difference in the community. These are our seniors, we love our seniors and we are doing our part so hopefully this Thanksgiving the love will spread, the joy will spread and giving back will also spread.”

Joe DiGiacomo, an 18-year volunteer on Thanksgiving, looks forward to the event every year.

“My family isn’t in the area any longer, so this has become my place to go on Thanksgiving.”

Isadora, a first time patron, said she truly enjoyed the meal.

“No one invited me for a Thanksgiving meal, Iron Monkey did.”

Most of the seniors were offered free transportation to and from the restaurant by the City of Jersey City Office of Senior Affairs.

The Thanksgiving dinner at the Iron Monkey was also sponsored by WorkStrategy, Starbucks, Bob, Eric and Keith Lehrer, Restaurant Depot, BJ’s, and the Jersey City Youth Foundation.

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