SUEZ: Jersey City, Hoboken repairs making progress after water main break


With the Thanksgiving holiday weekend upon us, SUEZ Water North Jersey has announced that they are in the process of installing a new water main valve in Jersey City, which is also good news for Hoboken. 

Photo via NJ SUEZ Water North Jersey.
Photo via NJ SUEZ Water North Jersey.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to Christopher Riat, the senior director of operations for SUEZ, the installation of the 36-inch valve should be complete before the end of today, allowing the pressure to resume to normal in the Newport area of Jersey City, the company’s website posted today.

As a result, SUEZ has begun the repairs on the broken Hoboken water main this afternoon. This broken water main in Hoboken will be replaced with a new, resilient 24-inch water main, city officials said this afternoon.

Hoboken has continued to successfully receive water supplies from SUEZ through the Weehawken transmission line since Sunday evening.


Again stressing that city businesses are fully open and operational, and also still urging residents to conserve water, officials said that repairs could be complete as soon as Friday.

If everything goes as planned, road restoration in Hoboken will occur on those days as well.

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