West New York PBA honors town officials for implementing steady shifts


The West New York Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) honored Mayor Felix Roque and the other town commissioners for implementing steady shifts in the department.


“To Felix Roque, M.D., and the West New York Board of Commissioners, with deep appreciation for your visionary guidance and undaunted leadership as Commissioner of Public Safety, PBA Local 361 recognizes you for your dedication to the West New York Police Department by facilitating the implementation of steady shifts,”  Police Det. Karriem Shabazz read off the plaque.

“The police department, the residents and the officers are seeing tangible improvements in quality of life, health and prevention and reduction.”

Last month, the board of commissioners extended Police Director Robert Antolos’ contract through the end of the year and the police department announced that crime was down 20.4 percent through the first quarter of 2016.

“It’s a lot of fun to be the commissioner for the police department: you guys are fantastic. I’m so proud,” Roque said after accepting the plaque at Thursday’s meeting.

“They are keeping the crime down, what’s the crime down now?” he asked Antolos.

“About 21 percent down,” Antolos responded.

“21 percent? That’s a lot since we came on board, but it has to do a lot with the leadership we have in the police department. We’re all working together as a family: that’s what this is all about, so I thank you,” Roque added.

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    Hack Antalos did you get the Same with your New Contract?