UPDATED: West New York cop fatally injures pedestrian in car accident, sheriff says


The West New York police officer involved in the fatal accident has been identified as 28-year-old rookie Jorge Salgado, according to law enforcement sources with knowledge of the situation.

West New York Police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

A West New York police officer heading into work late last night struck and killed a pedestrian crossing the street in North Bergen, according to Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari.

“At 11:46 p.m., North Bergen Police received a 911 call that a pedestrian was struck by a car at 70th Street & Kennedy Blvd. The North Bergen Police and the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene,” Schillari said in an e-mail.

“A passing Guttenberg Police car was driving by the scene stopped to assist and found 28-year old Guiltier Guicoy-Mutzutz, a Guatemalan national, of 90th Street, in North Bergen, lying face down on the sidewalk, unconscious and bleeding from his head. North Bergen Police arrived shortly after.”

Schillari went on the explain that Guicoy-Mutzutz was crossing JFK Boulevard, from the Guttenberg side to the North Bergen side, when he was struck by a blue, 2013 Honda accord driven by a West New York police officer heading to work.

According to officials, the officer immediately stopped and rendered assistance to the injured man, who was in cardiac arrest. North Bergen EMS arrived and transported the victim to Palisades Medical Center. He was pronounced dead shortly before 12 noon today.

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Crash Investigation Unit added that the Honda does not appear to have been speeding and the victim was approximately 70 feet away from the nearest crosswalk when he was struck, he was also wearing dark clothing and the area is not well lit.

Furthermore, the driver of the car was also transported to Palisades Medical Center for shock and has been released. The accident is still under investigation West New York police officer has been identified as 28-year-old rookie Jorge Salgado.

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  1. Weather the cop is in the wrong here or not he will be treated as if nothing happened. He’s a cop. Special privileges is given to all cops regardless of wrong or right and it is a terrible thing.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of life. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more genuine, more responsible police officer. He is not my family but I know him professionally and know the caliber of his character.

  3. I was there with my friends and i saw the man lying down on the side walk with face down and no shoes on and he was wearing light color clothing also that corner is very bright and he was even hit under a light we did not see ems arrive for a very long time the poor man was sarounded by police and know officer was helping him ‘ also the police were blocking the streets off from keeping people from watching the car was going so fast that it ended up side ways hitting the sidwalk so im sure he was speeding ‘ yes i know that police will.alway cover up what they say !! Why say its dark there when its the brightest streets and he hade bright clothing on ‘ just remenber no one is above the law but god will judge the police and the other police that are covering it up!!!!

    • I Know for a fact that the officer in question was indeed in a rush to get to work on time. I’d like to know who his family is to further investigate bc this isn’t how good and nice guy the officer said was, but a life was lost and it’s being covered up. But bc the guy was from Guatemala and probably no ties to the community and family in his homeland. They’re all covering up. But I know more.

  4. DJ you are the kind of person that likes to incite a riot. This cop is one of the nicest, sensitive, most professional people I’ve ever seen working. He is neither my friend or family. I don’t believe a word you said. I’m sure the victim’s clothing will be in public evidence and the color will not be manipulated. He’s a Rookie Cop – noone is looking to lie for him. Some people just hate cops and cannot imagine this was an ACTUAL accident and the cop feels HORRIBLE. Also, how “light” does clothing look at midnight, and the guy ran across KENNEDY boulevard outside of the crosswalk at a green light at 11:45 – sad he’s gone but very risky.

  5. How are you going to say what happend when i was there with my family and friends and i do like cops i dont like lies and cover ups im sure the officer is nice but that does not give him the rite to take a life and get away with it just csuse you say he is nice and you know the calibor he is or may i refrace that the calibor of his gun.go by there at night and you could see a penny from across the street shinning !!!!we where there we saw it !!!!!!!!
    Just another poor man trying to breath for his life and he could not god bless the victim.

  6. That’s funny, DJ; I was also there & I’ll refute everything you’ve said. The area is NOT well-lit, the pedestrian struck WAS wearing dark clothing, and the officer’s car did NOT end up where you described. Take your lies elsewhere

    • Why are you one of the cops or family members , why would I lie and my 8 year old daughter will lie also or my 12 year old son he got hit befor the cross walk like 8 feet away and the car was after the light with no skid marks on the road , so he did not even make an effort to stop the car , or is that a lie also ,

      • DJ we need to get in touch with GUALTER GUICOY-MUTZTZ’s family these people were sold a bunch of lies and I can help with a lawyer and information.

  7. I agree with dj 100%,if it was an ordinary citizen that killed this man,we would not be talking of how nice he or she is,we would be doing an investigation instead of talking about how great of a person he or she is.Nice ordinary people do bad things all the time and wind up paying to society for their mistakes/negligence.Get a fair investigation going with nonpartial witnesses and experts.

  8. We will never know what really happened here.

    How can we ever trust the powerful who hold all the cards to in investigate themselves?

    This is New Jersey where all elected officials, and all public employees are totally honest all the time, right?