Sacco, Wainstein camps clash over laundromat CO as political war wages on


Three of North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco’s running mates for the May 12 municipal election alleged that a Union City laundromat owned by political opponent Larry Wainstein has been operating without a certificate of occupancy since 2002. However, a Wainstein representative called the press conference a publicity stunt.


North Bergen Commissioners Hugo Cabrera and Alan Pascual, joined with on of their running mates – Board of Education President Julio Marenco – alleged that Superwash Laundromat has been operating without a certificate of occupancy since 2002.

A letter from Kara Kaczynski, an attorney for Scarinci Hollenbeck, wrote in a letter sent to counsel for Chasan Leyner & Lamparello yesterday that “the certificate of occupancy was revoked by the direction of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. A temporary certificate of occupancy was issued and subsequently expired.”

The letter refers to 3900-14 Palisade Ave. in Union City, residential and commercial space.

The letter also says that the Sewer Connection Permit will be reviewed and does not make any mention of why the CO was revoked or exactly when it was revoked.

Luis Gutierrez, Wainstein’s campaign manager, said that the letter referred to the apartment buildings above the laundromat and that Superwash has a valid CO.

Paul Swibinski, Sacco’s campaign manager, insisted that the CO was indeed expired.

After the press conference concluded, Gutierrez and Swibinski engaged in a brief war of wards.

Virgil Cabello, the Executive Director of the Union City Housing Authority, confirmed with Hudson County View that the housing authority manages the mixed-use building at 3900 Palisade Ave., but said he was unsure if Wainstein’s CO was up to date or not.

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  1. Really? let me gets this correct… They hold a press conference about a laundromat in another town, with a letter written by an attorney from another town. Wow. I don’t know much about politics but this is absurd and looks really desperate. If this is Sacco’s best shot, i think this Wainstein guy has them scared. Whatever happened to talking about issues that affect the town you live in? What’s next? smh

    • The laundromat is in Union City. That is what the video says. Wainstein lives in Franklyn Lakes and that was mentioned. Maybe that caused confusion. I don’t understand fatboy mentioning about child labor laws and stalking children. What the hell is that all about?

  2. As far as the big fat guy in the video, “put your God damn phone down for the 60 seconds it takes to get your point across. Do you see this clown? He can’t keep his eyes off his phone. He is reading messages as he is speaking. What are you 10 years old?

  3. What about all the overlooked occupancy certificates for businesses and blatant slum lord building in blatant Fed/State vioaltions in North Bergen??? Oh I forgot, they all support Sacko so the building and health department are ordered not investigate there. Sorry, dumb me!

  4. Let me guess Sacko also doesn’t know Phil is doing what he is doing… what intimidation. ..where…how…I don’t know anthing…or as all the sudden…yo no se nada…que que??

  5. Mr. Heinis,

    News correspondent like yourself who are able to present and cover quality face-to-face action of both parties represents the drastic need for an honest and transparent local government. I sincerely applaud your neutral news coverage.
    Please keep up the videos in-order to reveal the true colors of corruption. The tree of liberty must be refreshed time to time with the blood of tyrants.

  6. What in the world is the NB Board of Ed President doing in Union City complaining about a CO?…. (YOU ARE RIGHT!) Sacco should be more concerned about our failing schools then making up lies to smear Larry. Sacco must go.

  7. What in the world is the NB Board of Ed President doing in Union City complaining about a CO? – He should be in North Bergen Working, not in another town giving out interview refering to a laundry – What are they thinking?- Larry no matter what you still have our vote….