West New York BOE Pres. Parkinson re-elected, edges Navas by 5 votes


In a photo finish that took the Hudson County Board of Elections an additional two weeks to certify, West New York Board of Education President Adam Parkinson won the third seat up for grabs – edging out Alex Navas by just five votes. Adam Parkinson

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I’m blessed that the community has once again entrusted me to serve on the West New York Board of Education. I would like to congratulate all the candidates who ran, including Mr. Scheurle and incumbent Trustee Morel, who were also victorious,” Parkinson, 21, told Hudson County View in a text message.

“Over the next three years, I will continue my pledge of putting children first in every decision I make. I am confident that we will continue making the necessary improvements for the West New York School District.”

After the smoke settled, Parkinson, of the Children First team, bested Navas, of the Save Our Schools slate, by an incredibly slim margin of 2,643 to 2,638 after the vote-by-mail and provisional ballots were counted and certified by the county board of elections.

Parkinson had an uphill climb in this election given the fact he was the last name (eighth) on the ballot, a hurdle he was also able to overcome in 2014.

Jose Alcantara, another member of the Mayor Felix Roque-backed Children First ticket, was initially ahead of Navas by a single vote (2,363 to 2,362) on the machines, but Alcantara ultimately finished in fifth place with 2,633 votes – just 10 behind Parkinson.

Scheurle, a local funeral home director and frequent Roque critic, took advantage of having the top spot on the ballot by winning definitively at the polls on November 8 and finishing in first place overall with 2,891 votes.

Morel, who was appointed to the board in May and also ran under the Children First banner, came in second place with 2,710 total votes.

Navas did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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  1. Despite huge donations, with mr Fonseca managing the campaign, and 150 people on the streets on election day, the people spoke loud and clear. Second consecutive year without a Children First cleam sweep. Seems like WNY has had enough of the nepotism and corruption.

  2. Boo hoo! Of course it smells funny when your candidate loses! Had Hilary Clinton won the presidency, Trump supporters would have said it was rigged. Now Clinton supporters are saying the electoral college is invalid because she lost. People need to accept when they lose through a democratic system and not be sore losers!

  3. That little pig Parkinson got elected? Roque’s day are counted. Her mother will lose her job as a teacher soon.

    Corrupt public officials gave the election to Parkinson. What a corrupt town!

  4. I wonder how many dead voters had write in ballots for Parkinson? That whole town is a disaster. Things will only get better when the people finally rid themselves of Roque and company. That includes Clara Herrera, the biggest phony and liar, and the most unqualified superintendent in NJ. She should be on trial with Roque. What she is doing to that school district is criminal.

  5. If you look back at the Roque administration’s resent history of making decisions in the best interest of the town and it’s residents you have to wonder if Parkinson won fair and square. They gave Silvio Acosta an illegal $ 20,000 raise witch the state confirmed. Was this raise ever rescinded ? They’re keeping a convicted criminal who pleaded guilty to stealing from HUD and is currently on three years probation on the town payroll. They have no respect for the taxpayers in WNY. And our Mayor is under indictment himself.

  6. Imagine if the Children first team worked as a team and didn’t have separate agendas. Imagine when Alacantre mother went to vote and Cosmos sister told her only to vote for Morel and Cosmo team did this all day. The people who work for the Adminstration and town Attroney were hoping Roque’s team lost. Everyone is waiting for November 29 when Cosmo will become Mayor. Roque only has 3 to 5 real friends everybody is back stabbing him. It’s amazing how there is so much tension. Rodriquez candidate was knocked off by Morel and Roque candidate was knocked off by Cosmo. I have been writing for awhile now Cosmo will be the next Mayor of WNY.

  7. I ask you again. What makes you think Roque will resign if he is convicted? When did he ever do the right thing for this town?

    He is as corrupt as ever and the town is as corrupt as ever and it will remain so as long as he and his supporters are in town hall.

    Slight progress in the board of ed, but Roque’s people are still in the majority and still in charge.
    And even when there is no authority for something, Roque creates it, like making Acosta “supervisor” of the crossing guards.
    The people who voted for him and his corrupt commissioners deserve what they get.