Roque, Wiley verbally spar over ongoing legal battles in West New York


Political arch-enemies Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Count Wiley had a war of words at the monthly West New York Board of Commissioners meeting yesterday, arguing over who was really being fiscally irresponsible to taxpayers.

After having at least a somewhat cordial relationship with Mayor Felix Roque in the past few weeks, Commissioner Count Wiley went off on his political adversary at Wednesday’s commissioner meeting.

Wiley claimed an ordinance amending salaries and compensation for town employees could have been avoided if West New York wasn’t consistently entering litigation that was eventually settled for large sums of money.

Speaking one-on-one with Hudson County View, Roque argued that Wiley shouldn’t talk about saving the taxpayers money after his failed recall effort, as well as the fact that some of the lawsuits are coming from Wiley himself.

Also worth noting is that two more lawsuits were settled at the meeting: former Department of Public Works employees Luis Melendez and Carlos Perez will each receive a settlement of $14,500 from the town, who admits to no wrongdoing in the settlement.

Furthermore, while it isn’t explicitly stated in the resolution -sources told Hudson County View they will also be getting their jobs back.

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  1. People Don’t be fooled Wiley is the Dummy ticket to be next May. Wiley and Roque cut and eat the cake together.

    Both Wiley and Roque Must GO IN MAY 2015!!!

    Both should be in Jail for Raping our Town!!!!