Count Wiley hosting fundraiser for 14-year-old WNY resident fighting cancer


West New York Commissioner Count Wiley is hosting a fundraiser at Our Lady of Libera for 14-year-old resident Jovan Caraballo – who is currently battling bone cancer. The event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. on Friday and tickets are $25 each. 

Wiley later added that those who cannot make the event can still donate a check at his campaign headquarters, 5808 Hudson Ave, addressed to Citizens for Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

He assured that 100 percent of the charitable contributions would go towards the Caraballo family. 

The West New York commissioner, who stated he would be running for mayor in 2015 over two years ago, indicated that he looks forward to seeing the community come together for a worthy cause. 

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  1. Thank you, John Heinis, and Hudson County View for covering this noble cause for one of our own WNY residents. Cancer knows no political or geographic boundaries. May all WNY’ers, regardless of political affiliation, come together for this worthy cause.