Pre-arraignment conference for indicted WNY Mayor Roque pushed to July 27


The pre-arraignment conference of indicted West New York Mayor Felix Roque has been postponed until July 27, according to staff at the Bergen County Courthouse. 


Roque’s pre-arraignment conference was previously scheduled for 9 a.m. this morning at the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack, but staff on hand told Hudson County View the court proceeding has been moved until July 27.

The case is still set to be handled by Judge Edward Jerejian.

On June 9, the state Attorney General’s Office indicted Roque on charges of healthcare claims fraud and bribery for allegedly accepting $250,000 in a kickback scheme with a medical imaging company.

Roque’s attorney, Christopher D. Adams, of the Holmdel law firm Adams, Buchan & Palo, LLC, almost immediately called the allegations “ridiculously false charges.”

The latest legal woe for Roque hit just one month after he and his five-person slate pulled off a clean sweep in the May 12 municipal election.

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  1. Here comes the Stall tactic again by Roque.

    Enough already!

    He is going to play the Courts again by changing Lawyers a few times and seeking postponements. Time for the Judges to grow some balls and deny all requests. Roque is always costing the Tax Payers money if not stealing it either. Hell awaits Felix Roque. His mammy is rolling I am sure. Felix your a sick man and deserve Jail for a long time!

    Also Lets hope Bob Menendez doesn’t get to the Judge this time for Felix Roque.

  2. Felix Roque Bought Frank Ferriero a new TV truck for his silence and warm kisses. What did Vilma get?

    Frank Ferriero another great Cuban. Lets have a parade to make ourselves feel good.

  3. The only support Roque ever gets is from people he buys – the ones with no morals, no scruples, no integrity, no self-respect, no principles.
    They are all trash – birds of a feather.

  4. Everyone is bought and their doing it wher I live OVERLOOK TERRACE NORTH WHERE ROQUES RIFHT HAND MAN LIVES AMD HAS HIS JEEP PARKED ALL THE TIME. I want only assaulted and harassed by the super here but I’ve been told by Benny Fontanez to drop charges of hidden camera in order to have police protection for me and my son “ESPECIALLY MY SON”. Thank god for my I phone recorder. AND HIS WIFE HAS BEEN HACKING ALL MY ACCOUNTS AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Sound formulair. Yes Birds of a Feather Flock together. They may want to kick me out of here bc I know too much but I will bring the whole town down. So the park accoss the street from overlook has been dark all these days been told it’s to watch me not to see them. Let them watch I’ve got nothing to hide. But they do, so what they’re being paid off to lie I’ve got God on my side and no one will be able to break the truth.