Popular Hoboken bar loses liquor license, 4 others suspended during LepreCon


One popular Hoboken bar lost their liquor license, while four other will also be suspended during the annual St. Patrick’s Day-themed bar crawl, LepreCon, as the result of hearings in front of the local Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board. 

Photo via 1Republik.com.
Photo via 1Republik.com.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

1Republik, located at 221 Washington St., will be closed during Leprecon (March 3rd), will begin serving a 30-day suspension as of May 21st and will close permanently thereafter pending the transfer of their liquor license to a new owner, according to city spokesman Juan Melli.

Additionally, Hoboken Bar and Grill will serve a 30-day suspension, starting today, while Green Rock Tap and Grill was issued a 20-day suspension.

Furthermore, Mill’s Tavern was penalized with a 24-day suspension, while the Shannon received a two-day suspension that will be served on March 3rd and March 4th.

“This represents a major accomplishment in fulfilling my commitment on Inauguration Day to address this public safety nuisance,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“The vast majority of bar owners are responsible license holders, but a very small number of establishments have failed to adequately control their patrons and the activities within their premises, leading to severe public safety issues.”

Bhalla further stated that the State of New Jersey Attorney General’s Division of Alcohol Beverage Control has agreed to send 12 to 14 State ABC detectives to Hoboken on March 3rd.

Along with Hoboken Police ABC detectives, they will be monitoring establishments to ensure compliance with all ABC regulations, including not admitting underage guests, not overserving patrons, not exceeding capacity – among other health and security regulations.

“I am extremely thankful to New Jersey Office of the Attorney General and its ABC Division Director David P. Rible for his partnership in protecting the public safety and quality of life of our community,” added Bhalla.

Last month, the new mayor unveiled a Public Safety Task Force, whose main goal is to curtail unruly bar crawls in the city.

At the subsequent city council meeting, some bar owners expressed frustration with the new task force and likely regulation changes.

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  1. It’s great to see the City holding bars accountable for the irresponsible behavior they facilitate by their patrons. The City’s priority should always be the quality of life and safety of the Hoboken public not protecting the profits of bars.

    And it’s great to see Mayor Bhalla keeping this important campaign promise. It’s time for all our elected officials to stop playing political games and get more important stuff like this done.

      • par for the course! What is a lie of omission or a pre-election weekend doctored up flier compared to a public service role that allows lucrative uncapped commissions for influence peddling. Couple that with in the City Attorney and the State AG being in his pocket, any over sight would be the proverbial fox watching the hen house. Couple that with a well-oiled PR machine and Bhalla’s actions continue to slide.

  2. There are more hearings next Thursday for the bars on the list that were not heard last night. They’re all going to be shut down leprecon too. Some much longer. Overheard blunenthal outside saying hudson ultra bar getting 70 days suspension.

  3. This action is low hanging fruit. The question is why bars in violation did not get substantially suspended during the Zimmer Administration? She was right to stop the parade but I don’t remember any suspensions like this during her 8 years plus which included hiding the Suez debt. Another sign of lack luster enforcement by Zimmer? The legacy of Zimmer already tarnished by her pick of dual job Ravi looking even worse with this development.

    This will be an example of Ravi’s administration doing a few good things while he sells Hoboken out with his new law firm contract. Ravii made a campaign promise to be a full time mayor and it only took two months for him to establish he is a proven liar. Why should I trust him going forward? Especially with respect to redevelopment.

    We know ultra liberal Ravi is anti commerce with his pro Barry stance against a much needed hotel. The question remains whether there will be any downtown bars left during his 32.75% plurality rule. Of course they could always get legal support for reapplying for their liquor license with Ravi’s new anti gay a Republican loving law firm. It’s all about the side hustle. #Hoboken4Sale.

    • One of the good things that came out of this election Kurt is that no one cares what you or Roman Brice think. Hoboken has thankfully moved on. Try not to let those treadmarks scar you too much.

        • That’s not an argument. Yelling at people who tell the truth calling them haters is about as bad as calling them racists.

          You don’t have an argument. You’re job is to defend Ravi’s $$$ scam.

          Defend the scam, don’t attack the real men of Hoboken.

          • They are plain and simply just haters.

            They went all in to back a long shot candidate and lost their minds when she lost the election. They in turn seem to also be in the process of losing everything in their lives and raging and ranting against those they see as some how responsible for their losses has become they way of rationalizing their downward spiral.. The truth being that they both just need to look in the mirror to see who caused them to fail.

    • Ravi worked hard to execute this Leprecon distraction from the law firm contract dump Friday night. The big “FOR SALE” sign atop City Hall is visible across Hudson County and NJ. It’s like the bat signal over Gotham but this is a shroud of darkness signaling the Soprano State – Hoboken is a cheap whore, come and get it.

      Be nice to Lindalou Grossfart though who is in transition to be Dawn’s new girlfriend and the few Ravi Bots who will defend this scummy behavior. These people are shameless and will lie and defend anything Ravi does no matter how awful. Can it get any more awful? Well not even two months in, yeah it will, obviously.

      HR and Horse must keep illuminating the light on the lies and expose the truth no matter what ejaculate darkness Shadowstan sprays. People want the truth not the Grossfart odor oozing out with Ravi.

      Don’t you just love how the entitled sell everyone out and then defend the proceeds of an ass rape because it’s being done by their “friends?” Hoboken, Trenton, DC, the scumbags are all the same.

      These people are sick.

        • Dawn must be angry with you too. You destroyed her reputation with the power gyrations of what you put in her place.

          You did it Shadowstan Grossfart, live with it!

          • While your insane ramblings are the gift that keeps giving, try to focus on the topic at hand. It seems Councilman DeFusco received a $2600 contribution from 1Republik – the bar with the most serious violations and therefore the severest penalty.

            Don’t you think the Councilman maybe has a conflict of interest here? Do you think ABC decisions for violations of law should be “collaborative” with Councilmembers given the opportunity to intervene on behalf of their financial benefactors?

            I look forward to the “exclusive coverage” of this “breaking news.”

          • Wait, you want a contribution from a dead business in 2017 to be the big story now? Push that crap in the cave as you and Sybil try desperately to avoid the Hoboken scandal with Ravi Bhalla front and center.

            How much loot can “our mayor” Ravi make off Hoboken in 2018 with the “for sale” sign atop City Hall through his law firm?

            The Shadow knows, the Shadow knows!

            (Hey Shadowstan, you get a cut?)

  4. Black balling businesses while he sells influence, creates patronage jobs, fails to work in collaboration with the Council or coprerate with the will of the people and is simply feckless.

  5. So, staying on topic. This is awesome for Hoboken! As a downtown resident, it’s great someone is finally attacking quality of life issues caused by the rowdier bars. I’m not sure why anyone who lives in Hoboken would be so up in arms about this.

  6. This is great news for Hoboken, and its residents. The Bars were making a fortune having a party in our house, and we had to clean up the vomit and the trash. Guess the bars were too greedy/ All they had to do from jump, was pay for their own security, and their Golden Goose would still be churning out those eggs. Sad.

  7. It must be a real bummer that 1 Republic and the bad bar boys spent so much to get Mike DeFuso elected mayor so the could continue to do business as usual and screw over the residents of Hoboken. Bummer too 1R’s bad reputation proceeds them and now Jersey City doesn’t want them either.