Poll: Do you support the North Jersey casino plan introduced by Prieto or Sweeney?


With the battle underway between North and South Jersey over the future of North Jersey casinos, whose plan do you support: the one introduced by Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) or the plan of his counterpart Senate Pres. Steve Sweeney (D-3)?



As far as the casino bills go, Prieto believes it’s unfair to have Atlantic City casino operators get both North Jersey casino licenses.

Sweeney’s camp argues this provision is necessary since “a new operator could cannibalize existing New Jersey properties, thus hurting the overall revenues generated from the casinos.”

Also when speaking to Hudson County View, Prieto called the 2017 governor’s race dynamic between Sweeney and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop rhetoric and “an illusion” to distract from the facts of the casino issue.

One day after our interview with Prieto, Fulop, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and Paterson Mayor Joey Torres all voiced their support for Prieto’s casino plan.

“As the deadline for legislative action looms in Trenton, it is important that we voice support for Speaker Prieto’s casino legislation, which best addresses the needs of North Jersey. Senate President Sweeney’s bill takes half of the money raised by potential North Jersey casinos and sends it to one South Jersey municipality, while the other 564 municipalities in New Jersey split the remaining revenue. Under the Sweeney bill, North Jersey municipalities endure the infrastructure and public safety burdens that casinos invite but the revenue is disproportionately given to Sweeney’s South Jersey constituents, saddling northern municipalities with additional burdens and less resources to address those burdens. Senate President Sweeney’s proposal is wrong for North Jersey.”

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  1. Dilution WILL kill AC, make it so weak that it will look like a ghost town or Detroit!

    How dare we do that? Besides, all those PA and NY casinos are a long drive anyway. People will still drive or bus to AC, a true gaming destination, not some joint out in the ‘burbs!