Officials tell 17 new sheriff’s recruits ‘dangerous career’ has ‘no more safe havens’


A swearing-in for 17 new recruits of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office had a somber, serious tone yesterday when officials on hand addressed the hardships of the job – given the current state of affairs in the world. 


17 new department members, 12 officers and five investigators, were sworn in during a ceremony hosted by Undersheriff Andrew Conti and Sheriff Frank Schillari.

Schillari warned the recruits that they embark on “a very dangerous career.” Schillari added that he feels Hudson County, which has a population of about 700,000 people, is the most diverse county in the state.

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise pointed to yesterday’s horrific California shooting (per The New York Times) at a social services center, where at least 14 were killed, as proof that “there are no more safe havens.”

Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5), a retired Hoboken police captain, told the new recruits they are getting involved in “a noble profession” where the officers will “earn every penny” of their paychecks.

Bariso then swore in the five new investigators before the 12 new officers were presented with their badges.

New investigators

Christopher Crossley

Makhil Kowlessar

Eric Negron

Mark Santos

Nicholas Tanelli

New officers

Michael Gregory

Angel Santiago

Jorge Orejuela

Renato Maure

Jimmy Gonzalez

Gregory Nicholson

Eduardo Mena-Ramos

Yanira Velazquez

Jonathan Gil

Biron Mendoza

Alan Elawady

George Somarriba

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  1. If the job is so hard why does every cop encourage there sons and daughters to get in. Because the rewards can’t be BEAT! 25 years and you never have to work another day of your life. A pension even college grads can’t match. Plus medical for life etc. etc. etc. Believe me at Thansgiven Easter and Christmas Ihear a mouth full from drunk cops (family friends) bragging how much money and overtime and who’s azz they kicked etc.

    • Hey Luigi. All you do is act jealous. Why dont you take the police test an stop complaining?
      all you do is deride cops who do a job you, obviously could never do.