Police: Jitney driver curses out Bayonne cops, tries to lock himself in bus


A jitney bus driver, who was pulled over for equipment violations in Bayonne, ended up getting arrested after he yelled obscenities at the cops, also attempting to lock himself in the bus as it was being impounded, officials said. 

Bayonne police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Samouel Saleeb, 28, of Bayonne, was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing a government function and resisting arrest on Saturday, according to Police Lt. Janine Foy.

Saleeb was arrested at about 3:04 p.m. near the intersection of 45th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard after initially being pulled over for equipment violations, also getting flagged for not being properly licensed, police said.

Foy further explained that once Saleeb was instructed to exit the bus, he refused, yelling obscenities and making threatening gestures towards the officers.

After exiting his bus as it was being impounded and also being instructed to move away from the vicinity of the bus, Saleeb retreated back into the vehicle and attempted to lock himself in the bus, officials said.

Police had to physically remove him from the bus and continued to resist being handcuffed, authorities said. Additionally, Saleeb was released on a summons.

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  1. No respect for cops at all people think they can do what ever they want. If he would of kept his mouth shut and kept his cool he would just got a fine dumb b******. We need more cops in Bayonne