Jersey City Together speaks out against violence ‘crisis,’ calls on police


Jersey City Together, a group of over 30 congregations that consists of thousands of city residents, held a press conference at the corner of Old Bergen Road and Neptune Avenue yesterday to speak out against the recent uptick in violence.

The corner is the location where Markice Hatton, 33, was murdered on November 23. Since October 1, at least 20 shootings and seven murders have been reported in Jersey City.

Jersey City Together has taken offense to the fact that they have not gotten a response to a November 27th letter addressed to Police Chief Philip Zacche requesting a sit-down meeting.

City spokesman Ryan Jacobs did not return an email seeking comment as to why.

Rev. Mona Fitch-Elliot of St. John’s Lutheran Church gave a synopsis as to why the group called the press conference.

In addition to singing songs, the group of about 30 people or so participated in prayer.

After the event concluded, we spoke with Jersey City Freeholder Gerard Balmir (D-3) and Rev. Tom Murphy of St. Paul Episcopal Church about what needs to be done to make Jersey City a safer place.

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