North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco: This is most vicious election I’ve ever been in


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, also the state Senator of the 32nd district, says he “feels very good” as the polls near a close, admitting that his three-month war with Larry Wainstein has been the most vicious one he’s endured in his 30-year political career. 


“I feel very good, I felt very good this whole campaign,” Sacco said about today’s municipal election. “I worked awfully hard, my team worked awfully hard, and I did what I said I would do: I walked 39 districts, which is every district in town.”

In an interview with Hudson County View in March, Sacco said this current election reminded him of the 1991 and 1995 elections where Joe Mocco was involved – though it hadn’t surpassed those yet.

When asked today where this race ranks among contentious, vicious elections, Sacco gave a straightforward answer.

“It’s up to number 1,” he said. “It went past ’95 and ’91, it just was a really foul election – built upon lies, separating the community.”

Wainstein was not available for an Election Day interview this evening.


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