Roque says he’ll ‘make a man out of’ Wiley over alleged assault of son, Wiley responds


West New York Mayor Felix Roque is heated over an alleged physical altercation between his son, Joseph, and Commissioner Count Wiley this morning, saying “he’ll make a man out of him” if Wiley wants to settle things “mano y mano.” Meanwhile, Wiley simply called the alleged incident “political nonsense.”


“He should be ashamed of himself,” Roque told Hudson County View after proclaiming that Wiley punched his son, Joseph, in the face this morning. “At not time would I ever do that to a young man.”

“And you know what: if he has a fight to pick, I’m willing to challenge him. Him and I, mano y mano, we’ll do it together,” he said, later adding: “If he has a problem, he’s got it with me, come to me, and I’ll show him; I’ll make a man out of him.”

Wiley said the incident was “political nonsense” that stemmed from Joseph Roque being aggressive with his running mate Myrli Sanchez.

“I said ‘Joe, ya know, it’s a free country, she wants to rip down a sign, you ripped down ours, it’s just part of the game,” Wiley explained, noting that Sanchez ripped down the sign because she felt it was too close to a polling site. Signs are not supposed to be hung within 100 feet of a polling site.

” … He got very upset, he got very aggressive. And he was doing that, walking up the block … he started pushing me and shoving me, following me all over the place up the block, thinking I was going to rip down another sign.”

“So, ya know, it’s just political nonsense, it ain’t gonna go nowhere and this don’t mean anything.”

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  1. As a life long Democrat the blame needs to go to the HCDO for supporting Felix Roque the Liar Criminal. Albio and team we will remember what you offered us this May 12th in WNY. Shame on the HCDO for supporting this scum and Criminal enterprise Felix Roque.

  2. But wait……….. I thought this was about Myrliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and how she was assaulted first. Yet scum Wiley never mentions her in this interview instead claiming Roque’s son was pushing him. Just another lie from Wiley.

  3. Felix obviously motivated Jackie Melendez to make allegations and trash her family, and drag her children into this disgusting smear campaign of his…. he obviously funded the flyers distributed which have images of Hernandez’s children, he subjected the entire town to that hideous recording up and down bergenline,he has caused everlasting emotional scars to Hernandez’s children but his “little boy” wants to act like a man but can’t handle it when treated like one!!! Come on Felix don’t like your “little boy” feeling the least bit of heat but everyone else’s children are fair game. You are an embarrassment if you win tonight it’ll be Gods, will at times we need to be punished for our wrong choices. COLUMD D, time for Felix to exit.

  4. Roque has disgraced himself and has disrespected the entire town with the ugly campaign he has run.
    He and his campaign managers, Pablo Fonseca, aka Kevin Peralta, and Frank Ferreiro, don’t have the intelligence or the class to run a decent, positive campaign. They only operate on one level – in the gutter – and in fighting the opposition with the filth they have forced on us, they have shown how little they care for the people of this town.

    They are despicable and I hope the people let them know.

  5. LOL! I love it when these morons who don’t post under their own names accuse people who do post under their real name of being someone else. But that’s why their column lost yesterday. They are clueless and all of them need to leave our town. We don’t need them We need to upscale our town and get rid of the gutter filth.

    • Marcel Hart, since you are posting under your alias, Kevin Peralta, that makes you the biggest moron here. Once an ass, always an ass. Now go away.

  6. Well Wiley, who was dulusional? LOL! What happened to that victory? You are trash WIley. It’s time for you to head back to North Bergen. Take David with you.

  7. John, this is a gem of an interview and shows how out of touch with reality the Column B people were. They clearly over estimated their support in the community. Roque said that Column C was going to win. In fact at around 11 in the morning one of his supporters posted that the numbers indicated a win for Column C and he reminded everyone where the victory party was going to be. Wiley, in this interview, says Roque is delusional and says everything he has seen indicates a big win for Column B. He goes so far as to suggest that his team would win 75-80% of the mail in ballots. Well, that is easy enough to check. The county clerk posted the mail in ballots after the polls had closed. Patrick received 15 votes. DeFino had 30. Wiley had 383. Roque had 271. And Espinal had 10. That puts Wiley’s percentage of the mail in ballots at about 54%. That is nowhere near 75-80%. Clearly Wiley was working with some very bad numbers and helps to explain why he and Sanchez were so shocked by the results.