3 Montgomery Gardens public housing buildings imploded in Jersey City


Three of the Montgomery Gardens public housing buildings in Jersey City were demolished this morning as the city embarks on a $100 million project to create new affordable housing.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop detonated the explosives that demolished the building, which rattled the streets, setting off car alarms and leaving huge plumes of smoke in Downtown Jersey City.

The complex, which is over 70 years old, now looks forward to 122 mixed unites in mixed-use buildings. The three 10-story high-rise buildings contained 221 units – where no one has resided since 2013, according to city officials.


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  1. Good going and about time. Now the brothers and sisters will get brand new homes to ruin. Ever see the townhouses in many areas of Newark? Brand new beautiful homes. Now a few years later the area is drug infested and a damn mess. I hope these building go to low income people $44,000 to $55,000 or so) and do a credit check etc.