Slates for Mayors Nick Sacco, Felix Roque pull off clean sweep on Election Day


After trading heavy shots with their political rivals Larry Wainstein and Commissioner Count Wiley, respectively, North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco and West New York Mayor Felix Roque each pulled off a clean sweep during Tuesday’s municipal elections.  Sacco-Roque

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Despite an aggressive, high-pressure attack from Wainstein, Sacco – who has been in elected office in North Bergen since 1985 – once again managed to win unanimously on Election Day.

The voters of North Bergen also re-elected Commissioners Alan Pascual, Hugo Cabrera and Frank Gargiulo, with Board of Education President Julio Marenco also joining the mix this time around.

In unofficial counts that do not include vote by mail or provisional ballots, Sacco received 8,237 votes to Wainstein’s 4,287. Independent candidate Henry Marrero received 580 votes. “Tonight’s results speak for themselves,” Sacco said in a statement.

“They show that North Bergen voters believe in our record of stable taxes and excellent services and our positive vision for the town’s future. Voters have strongly rejected Larry Wainstein and his campaign of lies, race-baiting and hatred for North Bergen.”

Earlier in the day, Sacco called this race the most vicious one he’s been involved with.

Roque, who insisted that Wiley got into a scuffle with his son this morning, has a brand new slate compared to the one he won with in 2011 – which included Wiley.

Also joining Roque in the winners circle are Commissioners Cosmo Cirillo and Gabriel Rodriguez, as well as newcomers Susan Colacurcio and Margarita Guzman.

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  1. Jesus Christ I hate them all. There all crooks and liars. Why would you want a dude being a career politician with 3 jobs representing you. Voters don’t have a clue. Then again if Larry Wainstein won his whole family would have a job in a week making big bank and the wheeling and dealing would just be done by another person

    • I promise you people are afraid sacco has been around to long he has provided many cushy jobs for people who kiss up to him and they will do ANYTHING to protect them in turn those people get jobs for their friends and relatives ,it trickles down to every aspect of work in the town especially the schools and public housing its disgusting there needs to be a cap on how long they keep office

  2. Good Job Danny Luis and DeFino Boy. You succeeded in your Dummy Ticket and re-electing Roque the Criminal. With all his Criminals…Frank Ferriero you to did a great Job Getting Roque Re-Elected!…Bravo.

  3. In 2011, when people didn’t know him, Roque got 3763 votes. In 2015, after 4 years in office, he got only 2871 votes. That’s almost 1000 fewer votes than he got 4 years ago.
    What does that tell you about his popularity?

    • LOL! It was a more exciting race. Roque was the newcomer looking to unseat the incumbent. Of course there was a bigger turnout. This time around you had Roque running against a low life out of towner whom nobody except the out of towners likes. By the way didn’t you support Wiley. Do you live in WNY?

  4. OMG…. That’s why the Machines went down at a few polls. Very high percentage of break downs was off the charts..they were rigging them… INVESTIGATE!!!

    Where the Hell is the State of NJ in West NY?