Lincoln Park Historic District Plan headed to Jersey City Council for adoption


A long line of Jersey City residents addressed the Planning Board Committee on the proposed West Bergen –East Lincoln Park Historic District – the historic district would run from Lincoln Park on the west to Bergen Avenue on the east and from Fairmount Avenue on the North to Harrison Avenue on the South affecting 600 property owners.


The opponents and advocates of the proposal remained as vocal as they were at the informational meeting held at Hank Gallo Community Center on March 7th. Planning Board Member, Orlando Gonzales, addressed the level of inappropriateness.

There were a number of concerns raised by those who opposed the historic preservation ranging from the fear of gentrification, to losing their Constitutional Rights and the rise of property taxes.
Other residents supported the historic preservation and believes that this would only make the neighborhood better and prevent future building of high rises.

“We need to preserve a landscape of Jersey City and this is it” said Planning Board Chairman, Christopher Langston.

The Planning Jersey Planning Board approved the measure and the West Bergen – East Lincoln Park Historic District Plan will be presented to the City Council, in April, for final adoption. This would be the first new historic district in Jersey City since 1970, if adopted.

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