Federal trial underway for Hudson County Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady


The federal court trial is underway for Hudson County Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady, who is facing charges that he allegedly tape recorded four other jail employees – without their consent – with the aid of a website. 


According to the criminal complaint, Eady used a website, which Hudson County View has identified as Prank Dial, where paying customers can place phone calls where the original call can be hidden.

Additionally, the website allowed customers to initiate and record a conversation between two people – while the two callers are led to believe the other person on the line made the phone call.

This type of call, which kept the website customer’s information a secret, was labeled as the “Evil Operator” function.

Eady allegedly made at least three payments to the website between July 2010 and March 2012, making a dozen phone calls using the Evil Operator feature between March 8, 2012 and July 6, 2012, the criminal complaint says.

The calls were made to four different employees of the Hudson County Corrections Center, who are also part of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association.

All four victims said they never gave Eady permission to monitor or record their telephone conversations.

The complaint also says that Eady recorded the conversations to find out private information about the PBA and a website he did not like, which Hudson County View has learned is Edpdlaw.com.

Eady’s scheme was busted when a cooperating witness made two phone calls, under the supervision of law enforcement, on or about April 2012 and September 2012, that he had a system to record a conversation – which he was not a part of – between two parties.

Eady is represented by Jersey City attorney Peter Willis, while the government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Luria. Additionally, U.S. District Court Judge Jose Linares is presiding over the case.

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  1. who is paying Kirk Eady legal defense bills? Peter Willis is a very expensive lawyer, very connected with the hudson county democrat organization. Does Kirk Eady have dirt on other politicians???