FBI informant, agent testify during HC Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady’s trial


A former corrections officer, who tape recorded phone conversations with Hudson County Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady for the FBI, as well as an FBI agent who investigated Eady for this case, both testified in federal court in Newark on Wednesday. 


At the trial Latania Freeman, who began working as a corrections officer at the Hudson County jail in 1997, completed her testimony – which began yesterday – before the lunch break.

Peter Willis, Eady’s attorney, continually pressed Freeman on whether or not she was really his friend when she tape recorded Eady for the FBI.

She asserted that although Eady was a friend, “what’s wrong is wrong.”

Willis was also insistent that the corrections officers policemen’s benevolent association (PBA) union, which consists of 800 members, tried to “degrade, disgrace and humiliate” Eady through the website Edpdlaw.com.

Additionally, the website was revealed to be owned and operated by union advisor Patricia Aiken.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Luria had Freeman clarify that she had never heard of Prank Dial or Evil Operator, nor did FBI agent Quincy Barrett even mention those terms to her, and that her job for the government was to simply record her conversations with Eady.

She also noted that she was not happy to be testifying today.

Willis accused Freeman of working with the government to get even – since she was issued termination papers by the jail years ago – but she stated that “Eady fixed the mistake, so how could I be mad at him?” Willis stood his ground, claiming that “your here to hurt the guy who helped you.”

An FBI special agent who briefly testified corroborated the evidence against Eady: including a Prank Dial app on Eady’s phone, Evil Operator call logs and audio files.

The trial concluded for the day with former PBA President Luis Ocasio stating at the end of the afternoon court session that the contacted the FBI stating Eady was illegally tape recording his phone calls.

A Prank Dial representative testified that the Evil Operator feature was no longer a part of the website earlier in the trial.

The trial will resume at 9 a.m. on Friday.

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