LETTER: Hudson County officials must support Jersey City mayor for governor


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident Cesarina Santos explains why she believes Hudson County officials must support Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for governor.

Dear editor,

In a historic show of unity, elected officials and community leaders from Hudson County should come together in a roundtable discussion to endorse Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for Governor of New Jersey.

This collective support underscores Hudson County’s significant influence and its unparalleled diversity, positioning it as a powerhouse within the state’s political landscape.

Hudson County is renowned for its exceptional legislative talent, producing some of the most influential senators and representatives who have championed groundbreaking laws benefiting the state, county, and municipalities.

Among these distinguished leaders are Congressman Rob Menendez (District 8, Commissioner Jerry Walker (now a candidate for Congress in District 10), Senator and Mayor Brian Stack, Angela McKnight, and Legislators Gabriel Rodríguez, William Sampson, Barbara Stamato, and Jessica Ramírez.

The new County Executive, Honorable Craig Guy, has also been recognized for his outstanding community service outreach across the county.

Hudson County is a microcosm of diversity and innovation, with leaders who are deeply committed to the progress of our communities. Mayor Fulop embodies the values and vision that will drive New Jersey forward.

The roundtable must include prominent figures such as Senator Brian Stack, Congressman Rob Menendez, Jerry Walker, Hudson a county Executive and President of the Hudson County Democratic Party, the County Commissioners, mayoral candidates for Jersey City, and City Council members from all 12 cities within Hudson County.

This unified front demonstrates the broad-based support for Mayor Fulop and highlights the exceptional leadership that Hudson County offers.

The endorsement of Mayor Fulop should be a testament The Hudson County proven track record and the shared vision for a prosperous and unified New Jersey.

The leaders of Hudson County must be calling on all voters to recognize the significant contributions of local leaders and to support a candidate who truly understands and represents theirs interest.

“Why should we look outside Hudson County when we have the best right here?” is the question to we ask to our great County Executive Craig Guy.

Mayor Fulop has demonstrated exceptional leadership in Jersey City, and we are confident he will bring the same dedication and innovation to the state level.

Hudson County’s political and community leaders urge the Hudson County party to reconsider its endorsements and rally behind Mayor Fulop, who is uniquely positioned to lead New Jersey with the full support of the county’s exemplary leaders.

By supporting Mayor Fulop, voters will ensure that Hudson County’s legacy of strong, effective leadership continues to benefit the entire state.

About Hudson County: Hudson County, located in northeastern New Jersey, is known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant community. It is a hub of legislative innovation and leadership, consistently driving progress and development within the state.

Let’s unite for a stronger New Jersey with Mayor Steven Fulop as Governor.

Cesarína Santos
Bayonne resident and community leader

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  1. I disagree. They should not support Fulop for Governor. He’s been a terrible Mayor for Jersey City. Our taxes have tripled under Fulop. Also, he took donations from an Australian Private Equity group, Dixon advisory, who invested heavily in downtown Jersey City and in turn they sold him a property on Ogden Avenue overlooking midtown Manhattan with a pool and parking. The home was previously owned by a Giants football player and was sold to Fulop off market. The property is listed in the tax records as being owned by an LLC

  2. Mayor Fullop and his wife have lied about the pot den they want to open in a very quiet residential neighborhood in Hoboken. He and Mayor Bhalla are are working together to ruin our neighborhood!

  3. Hudson County tends to be very insular, and the rest of the state (much of it anyway) marches to a different beat. Many of the ethical lapses we blindly accept as, simply, “the way things are done,” will not fly in other parts of the state. Fulop presents himself as the guy who will make us more honest – but before doing that he will have to answer some questions about his own behavior.