After crushing defeat, Bruce Alston says he’s done running for public office


District 31 Assembly candidate Bruce Alston announced he will no longer be running for public office at Café Sole in Jersey City, where he thanked all of his supporters after losing decisively.


“I believe that there is another chapter in my life. It includes public service but does not include elected public service,” said Alston.

On top of his list of people to thank was Pat Desmond, who was at one point Nicholas Chiaravalloti’s campaign manager.

And despite his recent arrest, Rob Mays was also mentioned during his speech. “Robert Mays is my brother and if he is in trouble I’m in trouble,” said Alston, “there was something that I possibly jumped the gun on and Robert accepted my apology.”

He also thanked former Mayor Harvey Smith and former Jersey City Councilman Viola Richardson for supporting his campaign. “These two have a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of insight.”

“The people I really want to for this campaign is our young people,” said Alston. He spoke about how their involvement with this campaign may have inspired them to work in politics or simply helped understand the value of voting when they turn 18.

And for HCDO’s Chiaravalloti and McKnight, Alston announced:

“As for Nicholas and Angela, we are going to be gracious and anything that Nicholas and Angela ask you for we will see if it’s something that fits in to our platform and we will see what we can do to help them.”

The Alston-Flores campaign headquarters will now be an office for the Urban Concerns of Hudson County, led by Alston. Urban Concerns is a non partisan community group that raises awareness and facilitate solutions to pending urban issues in Jersey City.

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