LETTER: As Dems, we were disappointed by Hoboken committee’s ‘attempt to gaslight voters’


In a letter to the editor, three Democrats from Hoboken express why they were disappointed by the local Democratic committee’s recent “attempt to gaslight voters.”

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Dear Editor,

The Hoboken Democrat Executive Committee’s recent attempt to gaslight voters regarding the upcoming November 8th Board of Education (BOE) election necessitates a response by the full progressive spectrum.

As Democrats, we were disappointed by the attempts from the Committee to politicize this election.

In their op-ed they state that they are not entering the non-partisan BOE race, yet they literally bring up an entire host of straw man issues that not one single slate, nor candidate, is discussing.

The leadership of the Hoboken Democrat Committee unleashed a common political tactic, the dog whistle, in a decidedly partisan way and followed by mentioning the one slate of candidates managed by someone affiliated with GOP.

We, the undersigned, span the politically left side of the spectrum from supporters of Bernie Sanders to more traditional democrats like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and everything in between.

We are past members of the Hoboken BOE, advocates for rent control and fair housing, former and current rank and file elected members of the Hoboken Democrat Committee, a former Teamster and shop steward and more.

We are active members of the Hoboken community and proud progressives of all stripes, and we condemn the underhanded and cynical partisan attack by the Hoboken Democrat Executive Committee.

Moreover, we are voting for Kids First (6,7,8) – Pavel Sokolov, Cindy Wiegand and Donna Magen – because we know the candidates that the leadership (but not rank and file) of the Hoboken Democrat Committee and Councilmembers Jabbour, Quintero, and Cohen (members of Team Bhalla) support are not only about below the belt attacks, but closed-door decision making.

Whether one was for or against the recent failed BOE bond referendum, like too much in Hoboken, it was concocted in a veil of secrecy until it was required by State law to be made public in the referendum process.

Everything for the education of Hoboken’s children, and everything paid for by the taxpayer, should be done in the open. Kids First is dedicated to that proposition, can anyone say that about the other slate or their backers?


Cheryl Fallick
Leon Gold
Kevin Davis

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  1. This letter is extra on point considering that Hypocrite Joe Quintero endorsed the Liars slate after only a week ago signing a pledge that he won’t get involved in the campaign. Why do these people keep lieing? Does he owe the BoE for saving his butt in the Nov election by purposefully hiding the referendum and keeping it a secret from voters?

  2. Unlike the little social climbers like Rachel Hodes ( Wife of the City’s BA in Training Pants )
    Joe Quintero who has no record of anything community based here in town
    And then there’s Phil Cohen- The lacky, While the city crumbles the guy is holding coffees with the same three people each month…
    If you see a shoe sticking out from the mayor’s pants you know the rest of Phil is up in there

  3. I love that this letter is written as if the “undersigned” are hundreds of people. You are three people.

    Three sad, sad people.

    Also, John- it is getting kind of ridiculous that because Kevin Davis has nothing to do during the day, and many are saying isn’t even employed, he just sends spam letters to the editor. Soon we’re going to be getting letters from him about what he had for lunch.

    Can you create a policy so that he doesn’t spam your readership?

    • He is employed but that’s not the point of course. I don’t want to get into the habit of censoring someone who can respectfully make points about government and politics, but am curious what sort of policy you’d have in mind if it was up to you?

      • Why I would only allow my point of view, of course.

        Just like they mayor’s team have done with Nixle, our misleading surveys, Coffee with Cohen, and the BOE’s HHS referendum “information sessions.” One-way, no questions asked. Thank you, daddy.

        Also, please note: I am triggered by Kevin. He’s not a real Democrat. And probably wears a red hat. The fact that he is allowed to have an opinion and vote is extremely concerning to me. And here I was told the Internet is supposed to be a safe space. We need to continue to cancel things until we can all live safely under a rock in one of Ravi’s rain garden.

  4. “Affiliated with the GOP”

    The chairman of their campaign is the Chair of the local Republican Party and local attention whore.

    The candidate is on the Republican executive committee and fully endorsed Donald Trump.

    Cheryl, you really should just stay out of the public eye, you continue to embarrass yourself. It’s ok to stop.

    • If all you’ve got is personal attacks against one of the most staunchest advocated of the left, than its clear you don’t care about public policy or character. You guys lost the referendum 2-1, and looks like have to resort to character assassination to still lose. Its 2022, time to realize you’re on the wrong side of history.

    • Cheryl Fallick has done more to make Hoboken a great place.
      So Nice, little assholes like John Allen, Paul Blanos, Vijay Chaudri , Jason ( 150K Business Admin in Training Pants ) Freeman, Phil( the Suck Up) Cohen, and a few other payroll lackys come here and feel safe, walk on the waterfront and spew that they support rent control.
      Meanwhile many of them are living fat off public payroll and contracts.
      Tell Jenny LaBenz next time her landlord wants to raise her rent, she can Thank Cheryl.
      Without people like Leon Gold And Cheryl, volunteering to make Hoboken what it is today none of that little group of Ravi’s Mean Girls and closet Republicans would be here

  5. The partisan nonsense is a cynical attempt to woo low information democratic voters with anti Trump dog whistles. A commenter in a previous thread pretty much acknowledged it:

    “Pavel endorsed Trump, his slate mates were anti-mask activists. That is a fact.

    The vast majority of November voters will not see and be influenced by the comments here, nor Kevin’s equivocating OpEd. The above facts are Kryptonite for a plurality of Hoboken voters.”

    This strategy is not only cynical. It’s politically stupid. This may be November, but without anything else to bring them out to vote, Democrats clueless about the school bond will not be swarming to the polls and casting votes in a non partisan school board election based on Trump = kryptonite.