ELEC: ‘Leadership that Listens’ Hoboken BOE slate raises $27.6k, has $17.4k cash on hand


The “Leadership that Listens” Hoboken Board of Education slate raised $27,607.40 and have $17,432.65 cash on hand, according to their 29-day report filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC).

The Leadership That Listens Hoboken Board of Education ticket, from left to right: Trustee Alex De La Torre, Leslie Norwood, and Antonio Graña. Photo courtesy of Leadership That Listens.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The filing, made on October 11th, shows that Councilman-at-Large Jim Doyle gave $1,000 on September 29th, while Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour donated a total of $750 last month.

Additionally, Board of Education President Sharyn Angley donated $500 total, with two of her colleagues on the board, Trustees Tom Kluepfel and Ailene McGuirk, contributing $400 and $1,000, respectively.

The three candidates themselves, Leslie Norwood, Antonio Graña, and Trustee Alex De La Torre, have loaned the campaign $5,000, the report shows.

Furthermore, they show $4,528.35 in total disbursements, with their largest spend being $1,100.42 for hands outs, palm cards, and flyers at the Minuteman Press in Secaucus on September 13th.

The “Kids First” slate, their main opposition in the November 8th race, reported $1,350 in donations over $300: $1,000 from candidate Pavel Sokolov and $350 total (one $200 donation and one $150 donation) from Ed Reep.

At that point, the team fundraised $4,892.84 (not including Sokolov’s loan) and had $3,142.84 cash on hand, according to Joseph Branco, their campaign manager.

He said they filed a C-1 form, which is for slates that plan on raising $11,000 or less for an election cycle, and it does not have spaces designated for those figures.

Their largest expenditure, according to their October 12th filings, has been with Massachusetts-based Vista print, spending a total of $4,460.46 between mid-September and early October.

They have also bought advertisements with three different media outlets (including this one): $600 with HCV, $750 with TapInto Hoboken, and $2,000 with The Pulse with Peter B.

The two independent candidates in the race, John Madigan, a former BOE trustee, and Patricia Waiters, did not file 29-day reports with ELEC, according to their online database.


Editor’s note: This story was updated with new information from Kids First campaign manager Joseph Branco.

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  1. No surprise I’m sure the construction unions and labor PACS will have a lot of sleazy money and tactics to help the Liars that Lost!
    They want that 400 mil construction project

  2. Will the Labor and Construction Unions and mob
    There’s a lot of money to be made off of Hoboken kids with that useless 450 million dollar High School

    I’m so glad my ballot wasn’t mailed before I saw their SLEAZY mailer today

    • Humpty Trumpy sat on a wall
      Humpty Trumpy had a great fall
      All the scummy ops on HCV and all the paid hacks
      Couldn’t put Humpty Trumpy’s campaign back together again


  3. I was not paying much attention to the BOE race until I got a flier in the mail. The scare monger and tone pushed me over the edge. Will make sure I turn up to vote KIDS FIRST in November.

  4. I will be voting for kids first… I have children in the Hoboken school system and the flyer that is circulating is absolutely disgusting that even if I didn’t know what they were about I would vote opposite and just go based on that flyer which is used to scare people away.

  5. And his running mates asked for endorsements from crazy QAnon Alt Right anti-vax groups!

    NO WAY do they belong on Hoboken’s non-partisan school board.

    Thanks LTL!!!

  6. It is clear these three people are NOT LISTENING to the voters.

    Signing their names to awful political attack mailer is proof that they are not worthy
    of being in any position of authority.

    • Alex as a Trustee approved this mailer. He literally put a public school child in danger due to his flyer. In this political environment with almost daily news of political violence, Alex De La Torre, Leslie Norwood, and Antonio Grana, put a target on two moms and their kids. It is disgusting, all for what, a local school board election?

      If she is crying, why is LTL not disavowing their terror flyer.

    • Oh someone planned a flyer, spent money and didn’t give Leslie a say?
      She better get ready, if she wins that’s how the next high school plan will go as well…

  7. I feel sorry for any of the children of the candidates of ‘Leadership That Listens’ campaign. To have parents participate in a flyer that bullies and tries to scare the public with lies that stretches any associations as fact, is not something any child would be proud of. If the children are too young to understand, they won’t comprehend it as of yet, but if they are older, they will learn that their parents are bullies and state falsehoods to make other people look bad. That is bad karma. If more flyers come out like the one that did on Wednesday, it will only backfire for this slate. No rational parent out there wants negativity, lying, and intolerance of future board members to guide their children in Hoboken. One can not believe everything one reads or hears. As I said, I feel sorry for the children that see what their parents are participating in.

    Didn’t Phil Cohen and/or Emily Jabbour lecture about bullying in the past? And I see that these two are supporting this slate??