LD-31 Republican Assembly nominee accuses Angela McKnight of ELEC violation


District 31 Republican Assembly nominee Matthew Kopko is accusing his Democratic counterpart, Angela McKnight, of violating state ELEC laws days before the June 2 primary election.

Matthew Kopko and Angela McKnight

By Jeannette Josue/Hudson County View

McKnight, one of the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s candidates for the state Assembly’s 31st Legislative district, received a $5000.00 contribution from Liberty Harbor R.V. INC on May 29, based on her public filings on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) website.

Liberty Harbor RV Contribution $5000.00 to McKnight  on May 29, 2015 Source ELEC

ELEC limits contributions to $2,600 for a corporation, for each election cycle.

Also on the public election division website, McKnight made a payment of $5,000 to the Jersey City Democratic Organization (JCDO) for the purpose of ‘Election Day Workers’ on June 1, 2015, a day before the primary election.

McKnight payment to JCDO of $5000.00 on June 1 2015 - Source ELEC

Currently, McKnight’s campaign manager, Eugene McKnight, is also JDCO Ward F leader.

Kopko is asking ELEC to take further action into this matter.

“Further, the incestuous relationship between candidates, the JCDO and the HCDO reeks of financial impropriety and I hope the Attorney General’s office starts looking into all of this with a fine-toothed comb, because this type of behavior has been going on in Hudson County for too long.”

According to Joseph Donohue, Deputy Director at ELEC, corporations can give individuals up to $2,600 per election cycle and when candidates receive over $2,600, they are allowed to refund the money – but they should do that right away.

“We can’t comment on these specifics, but I can tell you we limit the contributions to $2,600 per election cycle, but anyone is allowed to file a complaint, and sometimes, we initiate investigations based on [news] stories,” Donahue said when asked about the Liberty Harbor R.V. contribution to McKnight and her subsequent payment to the JCDO.

Kopko and Herminio Mendoza challenge McKnight and Nicholas Chiaravalloti for the District 31 Assembly seat in the November 3 general election.

Eugene McKnight and Angela McKnight did not return multiple calls seeking comment.

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