LETTER: Despite coming up short, Franco thanks Bayonne’s 1st Ward supporters


In a letter to the editor, recent Bayonne 1st Ward council candidate Peter Franco thanks all his supporters, despite coming up short at the polls one week ago.

Photo courtesy of the Peter Franco campaign.

Dear Editor,

After a grueling election season we came up short of the big victory. However, I am so proud of the campaign we ran and I am immensely grateful to my family, friends, and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort towards a better Bayonne.

I am so humbled by this experience. Along the way, I met so many incredible people and listened to dozens of heartfelt stories from generational residents to newcomers. If there was one regret in this campaign I wish I had the opportunity to meet with more of you.

While I ran a campaign based on policy and promise of a brighter future, much of this race was strategically dialed back to my past— a past told one-sidedly.

As uncomfortable as this was for my friends and family to relive such a painful time in our lives, together we chose to address it.

Unfortunately, the media was very selective in its reporting, preferring to focus on provocative headlines and sound bytes rather than the full story. Despite this, we managed nearly 800 votes and a respectable finish.

Often times we look back at campaigns defining their success merely by victory.

However, when people look back at this campaign, it’s success should be measured by more than the second place finish.

For anyone that has ever been wronged by the criminal justice system, I hope our campaign serves some sort of inspiration to get active in the service of others and never give up.

You’re life is not defined by your circumstance or a conviction. You can still make a difference.

While the popularity contest has been decided, the fight for affordability and a better Bayonne continues.

In order to do so we must put our feelings about this election aside and work together towards a single goal— the greater good of our community.

I ask that you carry the same enthusiasm you have shown me over the past four months and let it fuel our fight for change.

I would like to congratulate Councilman Carroll and extend my hand to work towards a Bayonne that works for everyone. #FrancoforBayonne


Peter Franco
Bayonne resident

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