Jersey City releases CCTV footage of Councilwoman Amy DeGise’s hit-and-run


The City of Jersey City has released closed-circuit television footage of Councilwoman-at-Large Amy DeGise’s hit-and-run incident from one week ago.

The two roughly three-minute videos come from CCTV camera on Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street, respectively.

A black SUV is traveling east on Forrest Street and a bicyclist, Andrew Black, is going south on Martin Luther King Drive around 8 a.m. on July 19th. Black runs the red light, the car hits him, briefly knocking him off his feet, and continues without stopping, footage shows.

Black, who told HudPost earlier today that he had a green light when the incident took place, runs a red light before the crash. He then sits on a water cooler in front of the Willie L. Flood Way street sign before making calls on his cell phone.

The New Jersey Globe obtained and posted the video first.

DeGise, elected to the city council in November as a part of Mayor Steven Fulop’s ticket, has not addressed the incident beyond saying that she is glad no one was seriously hurt and that she wouldn’t comment further due to the pending court case.

She received summonses for for leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident.

During an interview on NJ Spotlight News last night, Fulop said that DeGise should not have left the scene, as well as that the CCTV footage should be released as soon as possible – as Bike JC and Safe Streets JC already had.

” … Yeah, I think the sooner the better [to release the footage]. If it was a unilateral decision from me, I would’ve released it already, but that’s not the way the process works,” he said.

The city did not make it clear if they considered Open Public Records Act requests fulfilled in light of the videos being released.

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  1. Clearly, the cyclist brazenly ran a solidly red traffic light… that had already been red well before the cyclist got to the intersection, and remained red. The cyclist intentionally and illegally put himself out there into moving traffic.

    • You are correct while DeGise should have stopped and she can have no excuse the cyclist was in the wrong and should have been issued traffic summonses even if by mail after a review of the original video. A bicyclist MUST observe traffic laws not go around traffic in the oncoming lane or go thru a red light. I also see that the footage is now reversed so we cannot see the red light, very interesting. If there is a lawsuit the bicyclist will be most at fault.

  2. She knew she hit something and did not stop. I knew when I hit a squirrel once and was upset there is no way this woman did not know she did not hit something and to top it off leave the scene. These are the king of people we want to be our Council people.

  3. Don’t blame the victim. Drivers have to keep their eyes on the road and react to unexpected circumstances- like a toddler running out into traffic or a cyclist. Subpoena DeGise’s phone records. Was she on the phone and not watching the road?

    DeGise should step down from the council. Not even stopping to check on the welfare of the person she struck, and calling an ambulance if needed, is unforgivable. Criminal charges should be filed, doesn’t matter whose daughter she is.

    • Guy is not a victim. He ran a red light. There is no way she could have seen him from that angle. Cyclists must follow traffic laws too. He also is lying outright when he stated he had the right of way.
      That being said, she is also guilty of hit and run and should face the consequences of her actions.

  4. The biker was stalking Amy. Obviously, in fear for life, Amy was forced to accelerate versus this biker stalker threat, and drive through.

    All media needs to get behind this and repeat the line. Regressives in HudCo appreciate your support.

  5. The only good that could possibly come out of this is that the JCPD would actually start enforcing traffic laws as they pertain to cyclists.

    I guess what I’m saying is that no good will possibly come out of this.

  6. Exactly. The Councilwoman should have stopped, but the bicyclist, as many do, dangerously in NYC, went through a red light. When will cyclists actually be held to the same standards as motorists?

  7. We are shocked?
    A family that has multiple public jobs?
    Her dad spent millions on a public golf course in the jersey city dumps so he could play free golf and because he cant count past 9

  8. If it were a Jersey City resident and not part of the DEEP STATE of corrupt Hudson County, we would have been arrested for leaving the scene of the accident. All the other corrupt politicians will protect her. Very sad. Where is our MAYOR? Does he not think our councilmen and women should be law abiding?