Jersey City promotes 75 police officers: 35 sergeants, 20 lieutenants, & 20 captains


This morning, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Police Chief Michael Kelly held a promotion ceremony for 75 officers: 35 sergeants, 20 lieutenants, and 20 captains.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

“It has been a truly challenging environment for the Jersey City Police Department. Less than a year ago we saw a mass shooting hate crime here in Jersey City. We saw a response unparalleled,” Fulop said, referencing the December 10th domestic terrorism incident that claimed four innocent lives.

The mayor also said that that Jersey City has relied on the police department to help initially set up their COVID-19 public testing sites and staff them.

“Through all that, you still saw crime rates continue to decline … As a city, we have had to overcome unprecedented obstacles this past year, and our officers never wavered in their commitment to keeping the community safe,” Fulop continued.

“We have the best police department in the state, bar none, and I have no doubt this new leadership will continue to further our progress as a city.”

Since Fulop took office in July 2013, his administration has hired about 500 police officers, where over 70 percent represent minority populations to better reflect the city’s diverse population. The JCPD now has over 900 active officers.

To that end, among the new Sergeants, 13 are Hispanic, two are Arabic, and two are African American.

“Law enforcement is ever-evolving, and it takes strong leadership throughout the department to achieve efficient and effective operations,” added Public Safety Director James Shea.

“These newly promoted ranks have countless years of experience between them, and I know that their training and experience will further our goals of decreasing crime and increasing public safety.”

Sgt. Majorie Jordan, who was recognized as a hero for running towards gun fire to save her partner on December 10th, was among those promoted to lieutenant today.

Captain Patrick Sullivan was the Master of Ceremonies and called out the names of the officers while Kelly handed out medals signifying their respective promotions.

Other officials present were Police Director Tawana Moody, Chief Municipal Prosecutor Jake Hudnut, Council President Joyce Waterman, Councilman-at-Large Daniel Rivera, Ward B Council Woman Mira Prinz-Arey, and Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) – among many others.

Those promoted are as follows:


Salvatore Sellitto

Julio Galinda

Jose Lopez

Steven Furch

Christopher Heger

Steven Vilas

Juan Velasquez

Gregory Wojtowicz

Adalberto Valladares

Brian McGovern

Joemy Fernandez

Norberto Aviles

Keith Keoghan

Andrew LaBruno

Eddie Fernandez

Vincent Alberto

Robert Dunn

James Wilde

Michael Meade

Gary Griffin, Jr.

Omar Adorno

Dane Coleman

Alberto Vasquez

Osama Badawi

Michael Stise

Christian Ona

Matthew Scalcione

Michael Galvez

Anthony Moschella, Jr.

Joziph Solimon

Maria Cortes

Miguel Rivera

Michael Szymanski, Jr.

William Braker

Ismael Cortes


Vincent Costanza

Israel Nieves

Alexander Rivera

William Jackson, Jr.

Martin Perez

Jonathan Thomson

Terrence Moran

Michael Scarpa

Brenda Burroughs

Thomas Donnelly

Craig Keating

Richard Romanowksi

David Calton

Robert Quish

Victor Alsina

Clifford Crolius

Marjorie Jordan

Christian Howlett

Martin Murray, Sr.

Mark Minervini


Kelly Chesler

Franciso Williams

Lawrence Quish

William Olszewski

Brian Davis

Timothy O’Brien

Joseph Olszewski

Scott Schenne

Iris Cruz

Pawel Wojtowicz

Shaun Peterson

Brian Cahill

Mark Conroy

Joseph Dumanski

Robert Kearns

Patricia Radziewicz

Kevin Kot

Ian Gallagher

Marc Gigante

Vincent Cook

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