Jersey City POBA backs Fulop’s council-at-large ticket of DeGise, Rivera, and Watterman


The Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association are backing Mayor Steven Fulop’s council-at-large slate of Amy DeGise, Danny Rivera, and Joyce Watterman, citing their commitment to improving police relations in the community.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As President of the Jersey City POBA, I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with our city’s leaders on improving police relations with the community,” Det. Joe Cossolini, the POBA president, said in a statement.

“Council members Joyce Watterman and Daniel Rivera have demonstrated a commitment to this conversation for many years, and I am proud to support their re-election efforts. Amy DeGise understands the importance of police officers as integral elements of the fabric of Jersey City. I look forward to exploring her creative ideas to improve our community.”

Watterman, the council president, and Rivera, the council pro-tempore, voted for a $658 million budget last year after an extended public portion where residents called on the council to defund the police was unsuccessful.

“As the chair to the Ad Hoc Committee for Police Policies and Procedures, I appreciate the police’s dedication and willingness to work together to address recommendations brought by the community,” stated Watterman.

Rivera has often been an outspoken advocate of the city’s police and fire departments, claiming to have been an a little league coach for 192 active officers at some point.

“I have always been a staunch supporter of our police department, and my commitment to our 900 plus officers is unwavering. To me, these men and women are our bravest frontline protectors who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way every single day in order to safeguard our neighborhoods,” he added.

The Jersey City POBA is comprised of more than 700 police officers and they simultaneously endorsed Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and Fulop earlier this month.

“I’m very proud to accept this endorsement and I thank the men and women of the JCPD who work tirelessly to keep us all safe,” said DeGise, who supports creation of a “Junior Blue” mentoring program to transform how officers and local youth interact.

“Being progressive and pro-police isn’t a contradiction. It simply demands a commitment to building strong, cooperative relationships between our officers on patrol and the communities they serve. On the city council, I will support policies that encourage this every day.”

The non-partisan Jersey City municipal elections are on November 2nd and early voting is available through Halloween.

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