Hudson County Republicans reschedule reorganization meeting for June 29th


The Hudson County GOP has rescheduled their reorganization meeting for June 29th in order to be in compliance with a new state law that does not allow party reorgs until all election results are certified.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am so pleased an overwhelming number of Hudson County Republicans voted for Jack [Ciattarelli], who will win in November,” Hudson County GOP Chair, also the New Jersey GOP Chair of Chairs, Jose Arango said in a statement.

“Jack will start a new, happier chapter for New Jersey and the Republican Party but he needs a team and our Hudson County Republican team will be there today and every day to support him and common-sense conservative values.”

The unopposed winners yesterday for state Senator were Neil Schulman (D-31_, Juan Barbadillo (D-32), and Agha Khan (D-33).

For state Assembly, Rose Javier, Brandon Vila (both D-31), Marisela Rodriguez, Tamara Claudio, Marcos Marte (both D-32), and Jacob Curtis (both D-33) all won unopposed.

“I am pleased to be running on a ticket that will push new ideas and bring real representation to Hudson County,” noted Marte.

Additionally, Irene Kim-Asbury, was re-elected to her fourth term on the Republican State Committee while Frank Miqueli won an open seat.

“There is no question that Irene and Frank now speak for Hudson County. We are now the fastest growing county for Republicans in New Jersey. It is appropriate that we have two diverse, passionate and experienced advocates to help grow the state GOP,” Arango added.

At the “street” level, the county committee added dozens of seats while re-electing hundreds of committee people who have served the party well for years.

“I am honored the voters in my district selected me to represent them and I look forward to helping grow the Party in Hoboken and throughout the county,” added Branco, a former Hoboken Democratic Committee Secretary.

Branco bested Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein, a longtime Arango critic in Ward 6, District 7 who was planning to challenge for county chair if was victorious. His plans now remain unclear.

As the county GOP reorg meeting, it was originally set for June 15th at The Boulevard, located at 3167 John F. Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen, at 6 p.m., but has been postponed two weeks until June 29th.

The venue and 6 p.m. start time will remain the same.

“I invite all county committee members, new and seasoned, to join us as we look forward to the promising future of the Hudson County Republican Party,” Arango concluded.

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  1. Also Joe has already accomplished a lot bringing new energy to the Party while working with some of the Hoboken Republicans who have been loyal to the county organization for years. Those who disparage Joe unfortunately are peddling a decade old product of inaction rather than trying to do what is best for Hoboken and the GOP.

    • Disparage Joe? Didn’t he disparage himself? He sold out Ravi’s buddies at Antifa and BLM to be a fake Republican for a fake Rat Hudson Machine Republican. What’s next, Ravi Terror Flyer II?

      • He should parlay that Energy and get a job with a local Energy consultancy.. Oh wait, an EX Mayor that SUDDENLY decided not to run only weeks after a huge fundraiser ( hmmmm…) got that job already.

      • It’s certainly true that Joe is a fake Republican. Which is on par with being a fake horse.

        But the bottom line is that he won because he got more Republican votes than Josh.

        Still I hope Josh isn’t discouraged. He’d be a stronger mayoral candidate than people like Fisher or Giattino. Seeing him debate Mayor Bhalla would lay out some real contrasts in philosophy and be worth the price of admission.

        • What will you guys do for a Ravi Terror Flier encore?

          Since Edison got caught in their flier scam and Ravi got away with it you seem very confident. It must be raining Ravi Terror Flier all the way down the Catskills mountains.

          Would you deploy another one against Josh?

      • roman managed to drag the flyer into the gop reorg. i bet he can do it with a potato salad recipe. being perpetually unemployed makes a man boring.

    • Great value actually. Highlights the paper ballot stuffing techniques the Dems are infamous for over a century and how they abridged election laws across states to make Election Theft 2020 happen.

      Congratulation Joe, you’re a real trendsetter.

      • Dude, Trump lost. And he lost badly. The only reason he yells about non-existent fraud is that his ego can’t take the fact that he lost. So he needs to make elaborate excuses. His cult followers make Beth Mason acolyte look sane.

      • How does this nonsense highlight any of that? Trump lost because Biden got more electoral votes. Josh lost because Branco, despite not being a Republican any more than Giattino is a democrat, got more Republican votes from Josh’s own neighbors than Josh did.

        Both elections highlight our democracy working exactly the way it’s supposed to. You would have to be a horse’s ass not to see that.

        Of course if the shoe fits….