LETTER: Vote Jack Ciattarelli for governor if you want to avoid a statewide vaccine mandate


In a letter to the editor, Republican Assembly nominee for the 33rd Legislative District Marcos Marte makes the case for why voters should elect GOP gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli to avoid a statewide vaccine mandate.

Telemundo 47’s Enfoque program. Screenshot courtesy of the Marcos Marte for the 33rd Legislative District Assembly campaign.

Dear Editor,

Just weeks ago, on Telemundo 47 program Enfoque, Wendy Martinez, senior advisor to the Phil Murphy campaign for Governor and I, discussed the first gubernatorial debate in New Jersey, with incumbent candidate on behalf of the democrat party, Phil Murphy and republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

Wendy Martinez has been a great asset to the New Jersey Democratic Party. As reported by the New Jersey Globe in 2018, Wendy Martinez “executed a masterful ground game that turned out the Democratic base vote for Bob Menendez.”

The question arose from the show’s host, Alan Villafana, concerning Jack’s perspective and plan to lift mask mandates. I defended Jack, and admire his positions and policy regarding public health.

The science is clear: nearly all children who contract COVID-19 are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and wearing masks for children is terrible for their social and emotional development.

Bottom line, whether a child wears a mask should be decided by parents, not government. “So the science doesn’t work?” Wendy states while laughing in the Telemundo segment.

As of last night and with release of the latest installment of exposure from Project Veritas James O’Keefe, Phil Murphy Senior Campaign Advisor, Wendy Martinez has expressed on film that current Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy has the intentions to implement a vaccine mandate across the state, and has held off on executing a vaccine mandate, due to likely political damage.

As reported by Politico, Wendy and “Matthew Urquijo, digital organizing manager for the state Democrats’ coordinated campaign committee, said that Murphy is waiting until after the election to implement a California or New York City-style vaccine passport system for businesses.”

The Phil Murphy administration has made this beyond clear with 14 executive orders surrounding the public health emergency still in place allowing these actions to occur.

If the Phil Murphy administration is acting against the public’s will to remain at freedom of choice over forced vaccination into their body, we cannot allow him to be re-elected.

Phil has repeatedly shown hypocrisy through his actions, vacationing internationally and dining indoors. This governor has placed his own politics before each constituent of this state. We have seen it time and time again. On November 2nd, it comes to an end.

Vote Jack Ciattarelli for governor.

“Hard working residents of this state are tired of politicians who are more concerned with pointing fingers than providing solutions. It’s time to tackle the top issues facing New Jersey families and build a government that serves its citizens effectively. When I’m Governor, we will.”

Marcos Marte
33rd District Republican Candidate for State Assembly

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  1. Children are remarkably resilient. While they may do much of the world’s crying, it’s adults that do most of the whining.

    Whether a child is asymptomatic has nothing to do with the child’s ability to transmit covid. Apparently yet another republican needs to have this explained. In fact the asymptomatic will tend to have more opportunities to transmit if only because one will tend to lower his guard around someone displaying no symptoms. It’s junior’s visit to grandma that you need to think about. If you ever get around to thinking about it.


    • Children rarely transmit but of course you need to learn this because you are following the orders of the CDC and FDA which pretend natural immunity which may include approximately 200 million Americans among its ranks.

      The concept of even taking a needle and sticking it into the arm of a child for what they already hold powerful natural immunity is contrary to the entire concept of medicine.

      Sweden will not allow any person under 30 to be injected with this experimental drug. In the United States, Big Pharma is calling the shots and will not see their record billions in profits slowed down. The scientific data, the harm, the deaths from these emergency jabs, none of it matters. The reports of severe harm are being underreported and buried.

      In one case, a teen girl is in a wheelchair and the FDA hasn’t even shown any interest why and ignores her. It’s been categorized as a stomach ailment. Americans are being lied to and many are pumping out the lie. There’s no FDA approval for any of these experimental injections being given out. A scam declares an “unavailable” Pfizer drug approved so to prevent legal liability. It’s utterly insane. The lies from the US government now are beyond insane.

      To ponder doing so to a child is nothing short of criminal. Absolutely nothing short of criminal!
      Others must decide the risks and inquire on their natural immunity. Dozens of studies prove natural immunity is far superior and the scientific data is easily available. One has to look and it will be found but the censorship and suppression is like nothing we’ve seen in the US.

      • You: Sweden will not allow any person under 30 to be injected with this experimental drug.

        Facts: Sweden is suspending use of Moderna for citizens under 30 citing an unpublished report of increased incidents of myocarditis among males.

        Swedish health authorities said the heart symptoms “usually go away on their own,” but they must be assessed by a doctor. The conditions are most common among young men, in connection with, for example, viral infections such as COVID-19.

        The Swedish agency said the vaccine from Pfizer is recommended for these age groups instead. Its decision to suspend the Moderna vaccine is valid until Dec. 1.

        If you trust the facts, why are you fudging them and substituting hysterical rhetoric for sober analysis?

        • Right, people under 30 in Sweden do not get injected with this experimental drug that you describe as based on an “unpublished report.”

          Are you bloody daft?

          You thing myocarditis cases slamming male teens is something from an “unpublished report?” Do you get kickbacks from Big Pharma or are you merely profiting as a stockholder?

          The sober analysis says you must out of your mind to be trying to force any experimental drug let alone these Big Pharma experimental jabs on youth. That’s the global data speaking and yes, it’s published.

          There’s plenty of published reports about the damage to youths and that heart damage is NOT temporary. The average age of fatalities in the US from the CCP Virus is 79 last year and 80 this year with the vast majority falling into the elderly category. The next major risk factor is topped by obesity. Yet, we’ve heard nothing about good health practices to fend off this virus and early treatments used around the globe have been under assault, particularly in the US.

          There’s dozens of studies globally on the effectiveness of Natural Immunity and the US government with the FDA and CDC is pretending it doesn’t even exist. Why would anyone under 60 in good health trust their repeated lies and be coerced to taking their EUA injections? This isn’t about public health.

          Why are these US agencies with tens of billions in funding not providing any detailed information on natural immunity and its impact? Does telling those simple facts interfere with the record tens of billions in Big Pharma profits?


          See also: Joe Rogan and his doctor prescribed Ivermectin treatment.

          • We get it. You’re incapable of participating in an adult conversation without resorting to insults, histrionics, hyperbole (nazis, fascists, totalitarians), and half-witted conspiracy theories (everyone who disagrees with you is being paid to do it).

            Intellectually and emotionally you are a child. No point attempting discourse with you. The fact is you badly misrepresented what the Swedes are doing and why and lack the character to admit it. And you’re left dredging up a paid clown like Joe Rogan to pad your footnotes.

            Run along. The adults are talking about grown-up stuff.

          • We totally understand you’re unable to cope with the amount of misinformation and manipulation of Americans with a “vaccine” that is failing in a few months and is experimental and should not be used based on any scientific data worldwide on children.

            Since healthy children are all but immune and are not transmitters of the Chinese Communist Party Virus, the application of any experimental drug injected into their developing bodies is nothing short of child abuse and worse.

            A study published in “Nature” estimated “that the infection fatality ratio [of COVID-19] is lowest among 5–9-year-old children.” Nature also noted children just aren’t safe from serious COVID-19 infection. Children “aren’t driving viral spread” and they don’t get infected or spread the infection like adults. For example, studies of some schools in Nebraska showed “were open the whole year with over 20,000 students and staff, and there were only 2 transmission events during that entire study period.”


            Of course, this real-world scientific data is upsetting to you. It doesn’t support your political objectives over Americans and their families.

            Sweden, Denmark, Romania among other countries are seeing the actual data and refraining from further damaging their societies with anti-science and tyranny. Of course, this is all upsetting to you. You’ve invested in a mountain of shifting lies by Dr. Fallacy, who is the funder of the Wuhan Virus and those lies have led to his exposure thanks to Rand Paul and others who have examined and shared the documentation of the illicit funding. The NIH has backtracked and admitted it was funding the “gain of function” Wuhan bioweapon.

            Natural Immunity isn’t going away either because you have a tantrum. The dozens of studies globally prove its superiority to any experimental drug are here and Americans have every right to point to it as they are facing discrimination and a tyrannical mandate that is not based on any actual scientific data. They are being abused for politics and seeing their civil liberties stomped. They should not accept it and they are fighting against your political leaders. Americans stand with them in that fight for their civil liberties.

            If this pisses off an anti-science ideological prick like yourself, too bad.

    • You think because you live in a blue city in a blue county in a blue state that there would be immunity against willful ignorance. Yet, the antivaxxers and cosplay patriots shatter that misconception. Luckily, there’s a vaccine…education. Too bad they won’t get that either.

  2. Bernie Sanders campaigning for Murphy (and Murphy accepting his support) should be the disqualifying kiss of death for every Democratic candidate. Sanders is not a Democrat. He is a Democratic Socialist, which means he is a Marxist. This means total government control of everything. This is the road to becoming Cuba, or Venezuela, or Nicaragua. Socialism is unacceptable and every Democrat must disavow Sanders (and Warren, too), and their dangerous agenda.

  3. This mandate tyranny isn’t by state or even by country; it’s global. It’s part of a plan that sees tyranny moving us to be more like Communist China not America with our inalienable rights.

    Why do they insist on making everyone be a guinea pig when it’s clear this is a virus mostly affecting the elderly? Why do they ignore that well over 100 million and maybe 200 million Americans have already been exposed to the Wuhan Virus and have better protection than any months limited experimental drug? It’s called Natural Immunity and they pretend it doesn’t exist. Ask yourself why?

    How does ignoring Natural Immunity make any sense based on any available scientific data? It doesn’t. Yet, they keep pushing the experimental shots and now are trying to push it on to children, an absolute obscenity.

    Meanwhile, other countries are halting these gene therapy jabs. In Sweden, they stopped them altogether for anyone under 30. All the global data shows children immune unless they suffer an immunocompromised system.

    Anywhere this globalist plan to undermine freedom and our God-given rights as human beings takes hold, oppression takes hold. From Australia to China to the Democrat-controlled states in the US with the illegal and anti-science Biden mandates, this is tyranny not science.

    People better wake up to scientific fact and data. They are trying to snuff out our freedoms and these mandates are only the pincer in the plan to put out the light of freedom. Permanently.

    Vote for Jack. For sanity.

  4. Jackie Boy is a sacrificial lamb, taking one for the team and spouting trumpian nonsense to appeal to the worst of us. He’ll be defeated easily.

    And only the selfish and ignorant oppose vaccines and masks to combat covid.

    But it takes a special kind of gullibility to swallow anything project veritas vomits into the infosphere.