Jersey City motorist in critical condition, separate driver caught with penis exposed, drugs


A 21-year-old Jersey City man is in critical condition after a serious motorcycle accident on Route 1 & 9, while a separate driver was caught with his penis exposed, cocaine in his lap and marijuana in the car as police informed nearby motorists of the traffic delay, police said. 

Photo courtesy of Hudson County Sheriff's Office.
Photo courtesy of Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At approximately 10:22 pm on Monday evening, Hudson County Sheriff’s officers noticed a white Yamaha motorcycle with no license plate traveling on John F. Kennedy Boulevard near Lincoln Drive (Lincoln Park) in Jersey City, according to Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari.

The officers activated their lights to stop the motorcycle when the rider sped up north on JFK Boulevard and the rider turned onto Duncan Avenue and headed west toward RT-1&9, police said.

As he neared Route 1& 9, the motorcycle drove onto the sidewalk at a high rate of speed and eventually turned south onto Route 1 & 9. The officers were forced to reduce speed due to the dangerous and erratic driving of the motorcycle, officials said.

When the Sheriff’s Officers got to the intersection of Communipaw Avenue and Route 440, they noticed the motorcycle they were chasing had crashed into a Mercury Mountaineer SUV driven by a female Irvington resident, authorities said.

The officers immediately called for EMS and rendered first aid to the motorcycle rider. The rider suffered severe injuries to his right leg and injuries to his face. He was transported to the Jersey City Medical Center where he had to undergo surgery on his leg, still listed in serious condition and in surgery as of 6 a.m. this morning, officials said.

Wally Perdomo, 21 of Jersey City, has been charged with eluding officers and will appear in court when he recovers, Schillari said.

The driver of the Mercury, Kimberly Newman, was also cited for driving with a suspended license. The Sheriff’s Crash Investigation Unit is investigating the incident and believes that Mr. Perdomo may have driven the wrong way on Route 440, police said.

Then, as Sheriff’s K9 Officers, who were assisting with traffic at the crash location, were on the street informing stopped drivers that they would be delayed due to the accident. When an Officer came to a Nissan Pathfinder, the driver rolled down the window and the odor of marijuana was immediately detected, authorities said.

The officer looked into the vehicle at the driver, Robert Garriga, 37, of North Bergen, with his penis exposed, a bag containing white powder on his lap and open alcohol containers in the vehicle, officials said.

The officer ordered Garriga out of the vehicle and to the side of the road where he summoned his K9 partner Niko – a narcotics sniffing K9 – who found suspended cocaine and marijuana in the car, Schillari explained.

Garriga was charged with possession of narcotics and is scheduled to appear in Central Judicial Processing this morning, police said.

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  1. I’m sure the arrest of the penis man was not legal. If you saw cocaine and weed exposed you can search the car. Why the dog? Never seen a Bayonne enforce the law without breaking it. EVER!