Hoboken’s Mike DeFusco tired of ‘stagnant’ 1st Ward due to ‘the status quo’


Hoboken 1st Ward Council candidate Mike DeFusco says it’s time to “challenge the status quo” as he feels Councilwoman Terry Castellano has let things go “stagnant” after 21 years in office.


A five-year veteran of the Mile Square City’s Zoning Board of Adjustment – who also works for a media company in the private sector – DeFusco said he considers his opponent to be “a very nice person,” she also represents a move in the wrong direction for “getting things done” after 21 years in office.

As fas as improvements go, DeFusco is pushing for a cleaner Washington Street, as well as more functioning street lights – for starters.

Furthermore, DeFusco is a rare independent candidate in Hoboken that doesn’t have ties with either “the New Guard,” often associated with Mayor Dawn Zimmer, or “The Old Guard” – typically linked to Council members like Russo and Castellano. He explained his take on both sides.

Additionally, DeFusco spoke at length about the Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan, which includes the Hoboken Terminal and NJ Transit Rail Yards, encouraging ideas such as new restaurants and outdoor spaces that could rival the New York’s Chelsea Market or Hudson Eats.

He also stated that improving the roadways and open space at The Warrington Plaza is high on his priority list.

In response, Castellano told Hudson County View that she’s seeking re-election since “it gives me such great pleasure to give back to the city that’s gave me so much growing up,” adding that “I love this job.”

Castellano will be sitting down with Hudson County View to discuss her candidacy later this week.

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  1. Castellano, what exactly has this City given you? I don’t understand what a City can possible do for you. What a stupid asinine comment hat is repeated over and over by people who don’t know what else to say. Just don’t say anything.

  2. Lack of democracy and representation is the “status quo”, that has been around for about 7 years (hint Zimmer) , that needs to go. DeFusco is a real man of character he takes the failed and ignored responsibilities of the Zimmer admin and inappropriately blames on our most responsive Council member. He also accepts funding from the corrupt admin. More important than any other fact is that he has no knowledgeable experience what so ever. PR’s and marketers do not belong on roles that require an substantial amount of understanding of government operation.

  3. Terry Castellano represents the heart and soul of Hoboken. With 20+ years experience on the City Council, Castellano has labored tirelessly to make the First Ward, and Hoboken, the amazing place that it is today.

    Castellano has a track record of supporting local businesses and of bringing the demands of her constituents to fruition. Castellano makes herself available to the people and fights for their demands.

    DeFusco, on the other hand, is a slick newcomer with inadequate experience and unreasonable expectations of reality.

    Castellano understands that change takes time. As such, Castellano has dedicated a good part of her life to the people of Hoboken, and she has been an instrumental force in Hoboken’s rebirth.

    DeFusco’s primary focus, his career in marketing and PR, puts him in a place to easily and inexpensively run a campaign. It also puts him in the perfect place to be absent when we need him most.

    Castellano DOES while DeFusco talks.

    DeFusco promises to bring about quick change and contends that Castellano runs a “status quo” establishment. Castellano understands that commitment, realistic goals, dedication and time bring change.

    Under Castellano’s First Ward watch, Hoboken moved from delapidated, small-town suburb to the national map.

    Please show up on November 3rd and vote CASTELLANO 1C to keep us moving in the right direction.