Jersey City Education Association gets new contract after 28 months of negotiations


After over two years of negotiations, the Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) approved the contract with the Jersey City Education Association (JCEA) that represents the time period between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2017.

“We ask the Board of Education of this city to also ratify these contracts so we can move on with focusing on what we are all here to do, we are all here for children,” stated Jersey City Education Association President Ron Greco.

Jersey City Schools Superintendent Dr. Marcia Lyles expressed the same sentiments.

“This is the time for us to move one, a time for us to keep the main thing, the main thing and that is the children of the Jersey City Public Schools.”

Before voting, JCBOE President Vidya Gangadin thanked all teachers, para professionals, educational secretaries and the non-certified administrators and supervisors for their continued work of “ transforming and molding our children every day.”

Board Members Jessica Daye, Ellen Simon, Vice President Marilyn Roman and President Gangadin voted in favor of the contract.

Meanwhile, trustees Gerald Lyons, Lorenzo Richardson and Joel Torres were conflicted from voting since they were once endorsed by New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), as advised by the school board association, and by Ramon Rivera, board counsel.

JCBOE members Sangeeta Ranade and Micheline Amy were not present at the meeting.

Vice President Roman gave a special thank you to the teachers who continued to educate the children without contracts for 28 months before the meeting was adjourned.

“Thank you very much and continue the good work because you care about our kids.”

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