N.J. AG Investigator: NB DPW workers ‘illegally’ painted Count Wiley’s WNY office


A civil investigator for the state Attorney General’s Office testified in Hudson County Superior Court that North Bergen Department of Public Works employees “illegally” painted the West New York office of then-Commissioner Count Wiley in October 2012, since no shared services agreement existed. 


Brian Neary, the attorney representing NB DPW Supervisor Troy Bunero, asked Joseph Salvatore – a civil investigator for the state Attorney General’s Office – about a shared services agreement (per The Jersey Journal) that allowed NB DPW laborers to paint Count Wiley’s office located the next town over.

“Investigator, do you remember on November 14, 2012, that you and [Det.] Garrett Brown actually went to the West New York Town Hall and served a subpoena on the town attorney about shared service [sic] agreements?” Neary asked, with Salvatore quickly replying “Yes.”

After acknowledging that Gilberto Garcia was the West New York attorney at the time, Salvatore again confirmed the subpoena requested copies of any shared services agreements between West New York and North Bergen.

Additionally, on December 7, 2012, Salvatore stated he met with Garcia at West New York Town Hall on the matter.

Neary believed that the smoking gun in the matter had been kept a secret until now:

” … There is no shared service [sic] agreement between North Bergen and West New York!” he exclaimed when asking Salvatore about what Garcia’s response to the subpoena was.

“Today, June 9, 2015, that this is the first time you’re aware of that there is no shared service [sic] agreement, is that right?” Neary later inquired with enthusiasm.

“That is correct,” Salvatore answered.

“So … how was Count Wiley’s room painted by North Bergen workers?” Neary said as he completed his line of questioning.

“I guess illegally based on that,” Salvatore stated.

Count Wiley is one of the sons of James Wiley, a former Superintendent for the North Bergen Department of Public Works who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit official misconduct in September 2012.

Garcia and Count Wiley did not immediately return calls seeking comment, but this story will be updated in the event comment is given.

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