Hudson County Prep High School senior receives $80K scholarship from U.S. Navy


Hudson County Prep High School Senior Christopher Dhurpat was presented with an $80,000 scholarship from the U.S. Navy to a four-year state college of his choice at a brief ceremony this morning.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

Principal Barbara Mendolla announced his scholarship to the assembled senior students, faculty, parents, and loved ones gathered for the event, which was open to the press.

“You guys are so close and bonded in many ways … to see how special it was to come back together after having gotten through all those difficult times. You guys are a very special class,” Guidance Counselor Stuart Clutterbuck said.

U.S. Navy Representative Lt. Joy Bragdon & Petty Officer Hugo Manzera presented him with the award during the class of 2022 senior award ceremony at the CPHS Senior Breakfast.

“Congratulations on behalf of the Navy,” Bragdon said.

Dhurpat, a Jersey City native who lives on the West Side, got on their radar by volunteering for the Navy.

Manzera explained he has since signed up for a five-year contract as a logistics specialist and will be starting boot camp on July 25th.

While doing naval service, Dhurpat can attend college at a night school or a secondary school to complete school while in the service.

Dhurpat contacted the Navy at their recruitment office and had a positive conversation with the officers and said he had already planned to enlist when he visited and was excited to do so.

The scholarship money was provided to complete a bachelor’s degree while in service.

In addition, Dhurpat is eligible for G.I. bill benefits which would help him attend a trade school or graduate school in addition. At the moment, he is considering attending Ryder University or Rutgers University.

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