City of Hoboken reveals final Sinatra Drive redesign with Vision Zero upgrades


The City of Hoboken has revealed their final Sinatra Drive redesign with Vision Zero upgrades, which includes a two-way protected bikeway from Fourth Street to Sinatra Drive North, 164 new trees, and additional parking.

Rendering courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This project is the latest way we are prioritizing major upgrades to our waterfront. Not only will Sinatra Drive soon include substantial Vision Zero improvements for pedestrians, bicycle riders and drivers, but it will also beautify our main waterfront boulevard with green infrastructure and new street trees,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“Thank you to the many residents and community stakeholders who provided their input to help shape the final design. I look forward to breaking ground soon on these infrastructure upgrades.”

Construction on the Sinatra Drive upgrades will begin following approvals from the New Jersey Department of Transportation and federal government.

During construction, the project team will resurface Sinatra Drive, Fifth Street between River Terrace and Sinatra Drive, and Fourth Street between River Street and Sinatra Drive and install a number of other improvements.

Those improvements include 14 high-visibility crosswalks, five raised crosswalks to improve visibility and reduce vehicular speeds,13 rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) to improve visibility, widened sidewalks, eight painted curb extensions, five concrete curb extensions, two curb extensions with green infrastructure, and 20 ADA curb ramps – among other things.

The city and project team created the final concept design utilizing public feedback following two online surveys, two public meetings, and several meetings with local stakeholders.

This input indicated that the top five priorities for the redesign of Sinatra Drive were installing green landscaping along the corridor, ensuring safe bicycle circulation, improving the streetscape and adding street furniture, improving the safety of pedestrian crossings, and calming traffic on Sinatra Drive.

The redesign of Sinatra Drive is funded in part by $1.2 million in grant funding from the NJ DOT and $1.8 million in funding from the federal government.

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  1. NY Waterway is not going to locate maintenance operations and refueling facilities at Union Dry Dock. It will not happen during this administration, over my dead body.

    The Hilton Hotel Project will directly benefit residents across the City creating hundreds of jobs, millions in tax revenues, and critical improvements to neighborhood infrastructure. This project is a win-win for the City and I look forward to breaking ground on the new hotel next year.

    To have the benefit of a new pool at the YMCA, free to the public so children will learn how to swim is really monumental for our community.

    It is the function of the Superintendent and Board of Education, not the Mayor and City Council, to make policy decisions and implement this type of project, if the School Board so chooses. With this in mind, Team Bhalla, as Mayor and Council Members, would accord appropriate deference and support to the leadership of our school district in its efforts regarding the development of a new high school or the renovation of our current one. I’m glad to share that I will be enthusiastically voting “YES” on the BOE’s proposal, as I know this investment will serve all of Hoboken for generations to come. This is a historic, once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring our high school facility to the 21st Century. With a YES vote, we have the ability to take public education in Hoboken to a bright future. This is a world-class city, the time is now for it to have world-class high school facilities.

    As residents may know, my administration is committed to following through on a new municipal complex and recreation center in our North End. Oh 100 percent, it’s gonna get done one way or another. In terms of how, we’re just gonna go through the process and that process of democracy. It’s like making sausage: it’s never easy, sometimes it’s messy, but we are 1,000 percent committed to uplifting our city employees: our fire, police, essential workers, people who work on the front lines every day to protect our residents. Those are the people that this complex is gonna benefit, as well as the residents. There’s so much vision and potential behind this project: there’s no way it’s not gonna happen.

    The Sikh turban represents peace, it represents equality, it represents justice for all of humanity, and it represents love. I don’t know who is responsible for this, there is an active police investigation into finding the culprit.

  2. As confirmed at last night’s city council meeting, the new Sinatra Drive design will result in a net loss of 40 parking spaces, yet this administration continues to issue statements suggesting that there will be “additional parking”. They lie, plain and simple, and it’s got to stop.

  3. If Ravi gets this project done as conceived sooner than later, it’s a big win for Hoboken. There are many critics and reasons but redemption lies here.

    This is something within Hoboken’s grasp and a major improvement for low cost in comparison to other high cost projects. I’ve spoken to people around town and they said Hoboken Horse endorsed this effort too.

    • The timing works out to avoid any negative fall out from NYW becoming permeant if Bhalla decides to run again for mayor. If Emily of Cohen then decide to run to replace Bhalla they can always fall back on the same excuses.

      • Can’t get beyond the negative fallout. It’s too late for that. What Hoboken can do is handle what is available to it and this Sinatra Drive update is sorely overdue.

        Ravi will not be challenged by his team if he can’t get a higher position like Congress or a judgeship out of town. Only his partner Russo would do it and he has millions of problems to deal with so that’s not happening either.

  4. This will be a nice taxpayer funded entrance to the New York Waterway ferry refueling station.
    We can only hope the city will street include daylighting at the entrance so all those large diesel trucks have an easy time getting on and off Sinatra Drive. Maybe even a traffic light to keep joggers, bikers, kids from getting in the way and being run over.