LETTER: Stop retaliation at the Hudson County Jail, corrections officer says


In a letter to the editor, Hudson County Corrections Officer Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) Vice President Daniel Murray is calling for a stop to retaliation tactics at the jail after a federal grand jury found jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady guilty of wiretapping charges last month.Daniel Murray

As we are all aware PBA 109 has been victimized at the hands of this current administration, Former Deputy Director was convicted on Federal Charges last Friday and an avalanche of information was played out over the course of 4 days in court.

The Confidential Informant spoke of retaliation and the fact that the current movement to place Civilians into the Main Control Rooms was based on retaliation. It was made very clear, by both the informant and the Deputy Director Himself, that he did not care this action would Jeopardize Officer Safety and Put Officers in Danger.

He was asked “why would you purposely place them in danger?” His response, “because I can”.

There has been a strategy from Jail Administration and, according to them, County Counsel, to completely ignore, abuse and disregard, not only PBA 109’s contract, but due process and their own policies.

We have a contract that very clearly stipulates that the county must negotiate all major changes in advance of implementation because that is the heart of collective bargaining.

This Administration repeatedly forces changes without the union’s knowledge and continuously costs the county taxpayers ridiculous amounts of money because of their incompetent behavior. We have brought it to the attention of the county administration numerous times with no results.

It would be another incompetent decision to implement another major change when it’s based on retaliatory behavior which is described in the evidence of the former deputy director’s trial all while the current deputy director listened while sitting with his family.

It would be irresponsible to make changes to our current operating procedures or manning of the facility until July 8th, at a minimum, when all evidence will become public record and all involved have an opportunity to exam decisions that have been made and the motives behind those decisions.

Officer Daniel Murray
Vice President, PBA 109

Editor’s Note: Murray was one of the witnesses called to testify against Eady during his trial. 

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