West New York Police Department promotes eight, swears in five new officers


The West New York Police Department promoted eight members of the force, including naming two new captains, and also swore in five new officers during a Town Hall ceremony last night.

Photo courtesy of the Town of West New York.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are really proud of the accomplishments and exhibited leadership capabilities of the promoted officers,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said in a statement.

“As these officers transition into their new roles, they will continue to display the utmost pride and honor while serving and protecting the residents of West New York.”

The new captains are Monica Ramos and Frank Steffe, while Juan Nunez, Denny Acosta, and Andres Rana earned the rank of lieutenant. Furthermore, three new sergeants were appointed in Carlos Henriquez, Mannie Manwer, and Robert Leon.

“In addition we are eager to see how the new officers integrate into the department and are mentored by the great men and women of the West New York Police Department,” the mayor added.

The five new officers who joined the department are Jonathan Baron, George Rizo, David Romano, Brandon Castillo, and Michael Mendez.

After former Police Director Mark Flores stepped down last month, Capts. Santiago Cabrera and Alejandro DeRojas have been splitting the duties as police director as the supervising captain of administration and the supervising captain for operations, respectively.

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  1. Big suking sound could be heard all over town this night. It was heard for a good 45 minutes. Also NJ Pensions just got bigger for tax payers to shovel. No further explanation need here.

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